Leighsa Montrose Is Ronnie Montrose Wife

Leighsa Montrose Is Ronnie Montrose Wife

On March 3rd, a great music legend passed away, Ronnie Montrose. He is survived by siblings, his children, grandchildren and beloved wife Leighsa Montrose and this is what we know about her.

Leighsa Montrose Ronnie Montrose Wife

64 year-old Ronnie Montrose was born in Denver, Colorado. By the time he was 22 he started a music band with Bill Church, Chuck Ruff, Mojo Collins and  Starr Donaldson “Sawbuck”, he then joined Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs and then joined the Edgar Winter Group.

It was until 1973 that he  funded his own band “Montrose” with Sammy Hagar in the vocals, they released four albums, Montrose in 1973, Paper Money in 1974, Warner Brothers Presents…..Montrose! in 1975 and Jump On It in 1976.

Three years after that, Montrose called Davey Pattison to joined him on his next music project and created Gamma, they released Gamma 1 in 1979, Gamma 2 in 1980, Gamma 3 in 1982, The Best Of Gamma in 1992 and Gamma 4 in 2000.

On 2007 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, after two years of cancer treatment he announced he was cancer free sadly  it came back very quickly. He passed away on March 3rd, 2012 surrounded by his dear family.

His lovely, supportive and loving wife is Leighsa Montrose who was also his manager, together they had two amazing children son Jesse and daughter Kira, they blessed Leighsa and Ronnie with 5 adorable grandchildren.

Leighsa talked to the San Francisco Chronicle about her husband’s future plans..

“He was very hard on himself,” his wife said. “He would play shows where there would be three standing ovations, and all he would talk about on the drive home is what he didn’t do right. More than being a guitar god, he was just a good person,” Leighsa Montrose said. “He was somebody who was loved by so many people.”

“He wanted to do more this year,” Leighsa Montrose said. “I have 25 contracts on my desk I was supposed to sign. He was very excited and very passionate about being out there playing,”

Mrs. Montrose was born in San Francisco, she finished her studies in floriculture in 1989 and opened her own business Branch Out Floral and Event Design on October, 1993. Where she created the most beautiful, inspiring and innovation designs with flowers.

Leighsa Montrose Ronnie Montrose Wife image

Her talent didn’t go unnoticed and by 1996 the AIFD inducted her into inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers and two years ago the Professional Floral Communicators International inducted Leighsa. Her creations have been in many prestigious design magazines like Style Your Dream Wedding and Bouquets to Art.



Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Leighsa, her children, grandchildren, family , friends and fans throughout this sad time, Ronnie’s will live forever in our hearts and Mind, Rest In Peace!


It was reported that Ronnie Montrose took his own life, although he left no suicide note Leighsa said her husband was suffering  from depression, but she was shocked  by his descicion to end his life after his succesful battle against cancer. Mrs. Montrose released the following statement..

Ronnie had a very difficult childhood, which caused him to have extremely deep and damaging feelings of inadequacy,” Leighsa tells Guitar Player. “This is why he always drove himself so hard. He never thought he was good enough. He always feared he’d be exposed as a fraud. So he was exacting in his self criticism, and the expectations he put upon himself were tremendous. Now I see that perhaps he didn’t want to carry these burdens for very much longer’

“I knew I had married an alcoholic, but Ronnie was never anything but loving. He could be curmudgeonly and cranky, but he was never angry or abusive to me in any way. He definitely had a reputation for his bad temper and controlling personality when he was younger, but he’d always say that I got the best version of himself, and we were nearly inseparable. We ate every meal together. I went to every show he played.”

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  1. Saddened.
    Just got the news.
    Montrose helped define the testosterone explosion in my late teen life with a mach heavy soundtrack that, to this day, resonates to the bone.
    Will always remember you.

  2. I just heard the news too.

    Rock Candy is arguably one of the most perfect rock songs of all time.

    We’ll miss you Ronnie.

  3. You said you went to every concert he ever played. Did you go to Santa Cruz, CA? That is my hometown and I saw them at the Catalyst and I think also the SC Civic Auditorium. He even played after he went solo at a small venue along the coast by the lagoon, I can’t remember the name of the bar. I loved him so much. After the band with Sammy Hagar ended. I followed him through his solo career and all his awesome acoustic work. He was a guitar GOD. RIP Ronnie. Respectfully,

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