Meet Mary Nolan is Junior Seau Girlfriend

A terrible tragedy occurred today when police received responded to a 911 call from Mary Nolan the young live-in girlfriend of  NFL Legend Junior Seau after she  found him dead, with a wound shot to his chest.

Junior Seau was the amazing 43 year-old and 12 time NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker who played with the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and The Patriots until his retirement in on July, 2010. He was found at  his beachfront home by his girlfriend Mary Nolan, police are still investigating but they believed he shot himself in the chest.

What do we know about Seau’s girlfriend?

Mary Nola is a stunning 26 year-old, she was born in August 26th, 1985, Mary has Brown hair and Hazel eyes. Back in 2010 when Seau was involved in a single car accident remember he drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, CA around the same time he was arrested for a suspicious domestic violence  when Mary said he attacked her at  his home in Oceanside, she was left with minor injuries and didn’t require medical assistance. Mary was the last person to see Junior alive, she left that morning at about 7:30 to the gym, when she arrived home she found him dead.

So far I was not able to find any  pictures of Mary Nolan (the pic above is a 100% pic of Mary), Our deepest condolences go out to her.

**UPDATE** Mary Nolan was not dating Junior at the moment of his death his current girlfriend was Megan Noderer, read about her here

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  1. Mary Nolan is no longer Junior Seau”s girlfriend. Whoever found him is not Mary. They broke up soon after domestic violence issue in 2010. Again, Mary lives in Nashville Tenn and while she still cares for Junior, was no longer his girlfriend. I am a friend of Mary”s. This information is 100% accurate.

  2. Hi Dave, Your post is blowing my mind. The police here in San Diego refused to release the name of Jr.’s girlfriend which I found interesting. It seems rather odd to me that no one has considered that of all the people in Jr’s life your friend Mary and this other young woman would hands down have the most insight as to Jr’s state of mind over the last few years and could provide clues to help explain what happened. The media here has obviously made an assumption about Mary Noland without confirming the facts. If I were you I would strongly encourage your friend Mary to find a reputable press agrent , attorney or media agency to issue an official statement to the media correcting the mistake and set the record straight asap.

  3. Updated: San Diego’s 10 News confirms that Junior Seau’s 25 year-old-live-in-girlfriend’s name is Mary Nolan.

  4. Hi Ranger! Thanks for the update. Dave must be confused.

  5. Hi girlfriend’s name is Megan Noderer. It is 100% accurate they released her 911 call

  6. Well Ranger…. You were wrongband Dave is 100% accurate! lol

  7. Megan Noderer was Junior’s most recent girlfriend and the one who found him and called 911 and NOT Mary Nolan.

  8. “Mary Noland know the truth “Seaus in love

  9. Mary Noland know the truth about juniors in Love”

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