Meet: Omar Khyami- Tamara Ecclestone’s Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

Meet: Omar Khyami- Tamara Ecclestone’s Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

F1 honcho Bernie Ecclestone and former fashion model Slavica Radic’s eldest daughter Tamara Ecclestone is dating some handsome gentleman of her own, his name is Omar Khyami. What do you know about him? Check him out here!!


Beautiful Tamara is the 27 year-old daughter of Bernie Ecclestone and ex-wife Slavica Radic, her younger sister Petra recently got married and we began to wonder if Tamara and her boyfriend Omar will be the next walking down the aisle but it will be nice to know something else about Tamara’s boyfriend would it?

The sad thing is that there is pretty much nothing about him, let’s see the facts so before him Tamara was dating Arnela’s chairman David Dein’s son Gavin Dein, after him she was with manager Robert Montague, they broke up last April after two years together and  then two months later sexy Tamara was seen in the company of a handsome man, who was he? when asked Tamara said she was definitely enjoying her time with a special someone, but they were just starting their relationship, so not really single status for her but wouldn’t spill more details about him.

They were later spotted at the Epsom races and it was then that we found out the lucky guy was identifies as Omar Khyami. Media reported that Omar and his stunning girlfriend’s relationship blossomed last May. 37 year-old Omar Khyami is a stockbroker, who has his girlfriend head over heels about him, she once admitted about hoping to marry him one day. They currently live together in London.

We recently saw them at a double date with Petra and her new husband in the U.S


Just recently we found out that Tamara and Omar split up, according to the Dailymail she dumped him after he admitted the existence of a sex tape, he did years ago, apparaently before they began dating, and it only emerged today because he was been blackmailed.

“I have spoken to Omar and he has admitted that it’s true. It’s over now. I have spoken to my dad and I have spoken to my family.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have gone through. I feel sick about what has gone on. This will draw a line under it. I am happy for you to print this story.”

Omar also discussed the existence of the amid sex romp video.

This wasn’t a relationship. This was my friend’s stag. We were all messed up and drunk. I didn’t even know what the hell it was. Tamara is being hot-headed. I dispute everything. This was before I was with Tamara.’’

“I don’t actually have the name of this individual. This person has tried to blackmail me. I have been having this for over a year now, almost 14 months the blackmail.

“I have a case and I’m waiting for lawyers to see where we stand. I thought it was going to go away but the person continued blackmailing me. Tamara is going ballistic.”

You can read about Tamara and Omar’s break up here.

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