Megan Noderer Junior Seau’s Girlfriend in 911 Call

Megan Noderer Junior Seau’s Girlfriend in 911 Call

Today Police released the audio tape of the 911 call made by  Junior Seau’s girlfriend whose real name is Megan Noderer. and not Mary Nolan as we thought it was, but who is Ms. Noderer? Hos long have they been dating? Where is she from? How old is she?

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This week Junior Seau’s girlfriend found him with a wound shot in his chest, she was the woman who made the 911 call, we apologized for the mistake, many thanks to our reader Dave who took the time to tell us that Mary Nolan was no longer Junior’s girlfriend, apparently they broke up after the domestic assault, although they had an amicable breakup and Ms. Nolan who is today living in Tennessee still cared for Seau..

So Mary Nolan was not dating Junior at the time of his death and she was definitely not the woman who made that 911 call that broke our heart when he listen to it today, but who is Megan Noderer?

Sadly there is not much info about Seau’s girl Megan, but the little there here it comes.

Megan  Noderer from Dallas Forth Worth  obtained her degree from Concord University in Athens, west Virginia, according to our dear friends at Right Entertainment she was working at Aspen Marketing Service and before that with Mercedes Benz,  the picture you have been seeing all over the was taken from her Linkedin account which has been deleted now

According to reports Megan left  Seau’s Oceanside apartment at about 7:00 .m and hit the gym, when she came back she found Junior unresponsive, it was at that moment that she called 911,, let’s listen..


This call bring tears to my eyes, listening to Dear friends feel free to add you comments with info about Megan I will add to this story, thanks so much to all of you.

Megan our prayers are with you!!

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