Monica Manzo Bradley Is Timothy Bradley’s Wife

Monica Manzo Bradley is showing her support to with her hubby boxer Timothy Bradley who is fighting the #1 boxer in his category Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, Want to know more about her?

Monica Manzo Bradley Timonthy Bradley wife images

28 year-old Timothy Bradley aka Desert Storm”, fights Manny Pacquiao who is according to experts going to the best moment of his career, but is good enough to defeated Timothy or would he loose the title to his young opponent? And he was Bradley won the title by split decision.

Yinkee Pacquiao was in the crowd, Monica Manzo Bradley was there too.

Monica Bradley who is high school sweetheart is besides his wife the person in  charge of all media related, in other words she is his media manager. She has been his biggest fan, even  before he turn into a boxer, she stood by his side when he was nobody just a waiter at Mimi’s café and had less than $10 on his pants pockets, she continues to be his pillar of strength.

Monica Manzo met her hubby while both studying in middle school, she worked at Cathedral City High School his alma mater with Timothy Sr.

They loss contact after school and saw each other again after she was finalizing her divorced with the father of her two older children, after they got married two years ago in at the the Corona Yacht Club in Palm Springs, Bradley adopted Monica’s gorgeous children as his own, since then they added the newest member of their family their adorable baby daughter Jada.


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  1. I saw d fight no way Bradley won that fight, that’s one of d reasons I stop watching boxing n moved on to
    MMA! Recount!

  2. Bradley knows damn well he didn’t win the fight!
    Manny had it won by a LARGE margin. Just goes to prove
    how boxing has been rigged for years, an is why the sport is
    fading because of calls like this. 99.9% of fans an even the announcers
    knew that manny won, boxing is a joke an it’s sad they would do that an loose respect
    an fans in which pay for crap like this. I’m no longer a boxing fan after lastnight as well as I’m sure
    millions of others. “If” Bradley was a MAN he would admit he knows he lost an not except the belt,
    which he didn’t so he showed his character an true colors.

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