Sally Blackman-The Amazing Race Jeff Rice Wife

Sally Blackman-The Amazing Race Jeff Rice Wife

A young producer at the Amazing Race, Jeff Fuller was found dead at a hotel in Kampala, Uganda, along his assistant. Jeff is survived by his wife Sally Blackman and the couple’s two children.

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When Jeff Rice’s death news was  released some thought he was poisoned, but Uganda police ruled that pout since an autopsy revealed he had large traces of cocaine and drugs in his stomach. His assistant Kathryn Fuller was found unconscious next to him, she is currently responding to the treatment, but hasn’t been unable to speak, Uganda authorities said she would leave South Africa until they tell her she can, because they believe she might have broken  a law.

But why are people speculating if they were murdered? Fuller’s wallet and passport are missing, some  believed they might have been force to take the drugs, you snort cocaine not eat it, why was on his stomach?

This is a terrible news, we will keep you posted on that as the story develops, but we can tell  you a little bit about Jeff Rice’s wife Sally Blackman.

Sally Black originally from Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, in 1988 she enrolled  at Natal Technikon, Durban, South Africa, got her photography diploma three years later. After graduation she relocated to London, where in Oxford she opened her studio, specializing portraits and advertising. In 1999 Sally Blackman and her them boyfriend Jeff Rice funded  SB Productions, which produces and facilitates films, adverts, documentaries and television shows. She got married to her husband in 2001, a couple of years later Sally gave birth to her first child a girl  and  nearly two years ago she welcomed her second  daughter.

You can check Sally’s website and her amazing work here

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sally Blackman, her children, the rest of the Rice and Blackman families and friends throughout this difficult time.

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  1. i”m so very sorry for the loss of your husband.

  2. I offer my condolences to Ms. Blackman and their children, and hope that Ms. Fuller recovers fully, but I suggest that someone re-edit the article above, since there are many errors, including the victim’s name being given as “Jeff Fuller”, rather than “Jeff Rice”.

    I am especially sorry for his children… I do hope they recover from this terrible event as soon as can be expected.

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