Stacey Achterhof Is Joey Kovar’s Female Friend who found him death and last to See him Alive

Stacey Achterhof Is Joey Kovar’s Female Friend who found him death and last to See him Alive

Joey Kovar’s death shocked not just his family but the world, many said he had been clean for a while but according to Stacey Achterhof, Joey continued to do drugs, It was at her house that Joey spend his last night, it was with her with whom he allegedly fooled around and it was she who found him dead. Want to know more?

Joey Kovar Stacey Achterhof

Although Joey Kovar’s autopsy results are still inconclusive and  the toxicology results are still pending, Stacey Achterhof the woman’s house  that Joey visited just hours before he was found dead. Kovar told her that he had been doing cocaine, he asked to take him someplace to get more but she refused and instead asked him to crash at her place in Sayre Ave.

According to TMZ Kovar who was also drunk, took Viagra and fooled around with Achterhof, but never got to have sex, she said she felt asleep and the next morning when she woke up she found blood coming out from Joey’s ears and nose, it was also revealed that a probable drug overdose it suspected since Kovar’s eyes were also blacked with is common in those cases, they also think he had an aneurysm. Ms. Achterhof who also told police on Friday that she witnessed Joey taking Xanax and Adderal.

38-year-old Stacey L. Achterhof from Chicago Ridge, IL was born on October 19th, 1973. She previously lived in Manteno, IL before relocating at Bridgeview. Stacey is a licensed cosmetologist. Her 63-year-old mother Glenda still lives in Manteno. Stacey bought her 1974 apt. #2  at 9836 South Sayre avenue 60415 in 2006 for $135,000, years later the 1.5 bathroom house was on the market for $89,900.

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