Stephen Collins And Estranged Wife Faye Grant Still Dueling In Divorce Court!

Stephen Collins And Estranged Wife Faye Grant Still Dueling In Divorce Court!

Multiple sources are reporting on the continued divorce saga between actors Stephen Collins and his estranged actress wife Faye Grant. Collins,67 and Grant,57, have been married since 1985. Collins filed for divorce in 2012, but the the couple are still legally married, as a divorce judge hears arguments from both sides in an LA divorce court. The battling duo have a grown daughter Kate Collins,25. New legal questions have now surfaced in the contentious divorce precedings. It involved the matter of the tape that Grant made. Grant tape recorded a marriage counseling session that the couple attended in 2012. At the session a marriage therapist mediates a meeting between the couple.

On the tape Collins can be heard confessing to various acts of sexual molestation with under age girls over a span of three decades. Grant taped the session without the knowledge or permission of the therapist or Collins. The tape was eventually acquired by the celebrity gossip site TMZ. The tape could be heard on the site, and it lead to Collins losing some very lucrative acting jobs. Grant has publicly claimed that she never gave the tape to TMZ, she did admit to turning the tape over to the police. Grant has surmised that someone within the police department leaked the tape.

Mark Kaplan an attorney representing Collins is asking the court to consider a claim. Collins claims that because Grant illegally made and released the tape, she has jeopardized any settlement she is entitled to. Kaplan claimed that the release of tape was solely made to benefit Grant financially, for no other reason. Due to the fact that the tape being made public, has prevented Collins from making a living, Collins is no longer entitled to any financial benefit from Collins.

These claims were filed January 8th by Kaplan on behalf of his client, Collins. Sources are saying Grant is confident that the judge will not rule in her estranged husband’s favor. She has steadfastly denied that she had anything to do with the released tape. However Kaplan argued to the court that Collins is currently paying $`13,000 a month in support to Grant. Kaplan has argued that amount was when Collins had a solid career, but now after the tape was released his career is in a tailspin and he really is not working anymore.

The couple are expected back in court on this support matter in court on January 14th, The actual divorce is supposed to start on February 9th. The tape in question first surfaced on TMZ in October 2014. People all across the country have weighed in on the controversy. The court of public opinion reacted fast swift and hard. Most of the people weighing in the tapes, feel that Collins did molest the girls, and he should be punished. Grant says she gave the tape to the police because she didn’t feel that Collins was getting the treatment that he desperately needed, and she was fearful that he would molest girls again, and she didn’t want it on her conscience, if Collins acted again.

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