Meet Sydni Paige, this beautiful girl is  LSU Tigers Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend, who is giving her full support and love to her beloved and talented boyfriend after he was dropped from the LSU football team and revealed that Tyrann is in a drug rehab facility.

Sydni Russell Paige Tyrann Mathieu girlfriend pic

20-year-old Tyrann Mathieu one of the best college football players these days was born in New Orleans, Louisiana one of the five children Tyrone and Sheila Mathieu have been blessed with. After he graduated from St. Augustine High School, he enrolled at LSU in 2010, quickly making into their team, The Tigers. Last year he was a nominee for the Heisman Trophy along with Andrew Luck, Montee Ball,, Trent Richardson and Robert Griffin III, Tyrann was a finalist and Griffin won the trophy.

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When the news about Honey Badger.(Tyrann’s nickname) been suspended because he violated the team rules, it was devastation, however people became curious about what rules did Tyrann broke. It was until this day that media found out thru his father that Tyrann has been at Right Step a drug rehab facility in Houston since Monday.

Besides the support of his family, teammates and fans one special person in Tyrann’s life is standing by his side, the way she has always been ever since they began dating, his gorgeous girlfriend Sydni Paige Russell.

Last year we found out about an ugly story between Sydni’s beau and three girls with whom he allegedly cheated on her when photos of the three in a very compromising situation were revealed not one batch of photos but two including some of him naked.(NSFW link)

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It was Sydni who talked about it  denied cheating allegations and said that the pictures were real, but they were taken while he was in high school.

“I appreciate people that support me & Tyrann’s relationship. Y’all don’t even know us but you show love. That’s real”.

He couldn’t even cheat if he wanted to… Cause when I’m telling you I’m with this boy 24/7, I’m w/ him before class, in between classes , before practice, after practice, at night.”

Like I can’t stop smiling about this stuff lol . I’m so entertained… So yeah if you seen the … stuff, them pictures are from high school “. She remarked “Of course someone would leak that stuff”.

19-year-old Sydni Paige Russell from Texas went to Hebron High school in Carrolton, Texas. She will be graduating from LSU in 2015. Sydni was among the winners of the Black Scholars Awards Program by the LSU Black Faculty and Staff Caucus on March 28th, 2012. Sydni has two adorable little brothers 9-year-old Toddy and 7-year-old Troy.

Sydni is a 2012-2013 New Orleans Hornets Honeybee.

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