Tiffany Cambridge is Game’s girlfriend/ Fiancee

The game is ready to walk down the aisle with his girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge, but what do we know about the future Mrs. Game?

Tiffany Cambridge The Game girlfriend picture

32-year-old rapper The Game whose real name us Jayceon Terrell Taylor is a famous entrepreneur, singer and proud father of three gorgeous children.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               As far as we know his previous relationships includes model Valeisha Butterfield who he dated in 2006 and the mother of his son’s Harlem, whose names I really don’t know.

For the past seven years Game and Tiffany Cambridge have been dating on-and-off, during the long time relationship they have been blessed with their little princess Cali.

Last October we all had the great pleasure to witnessed an intimate moment in Tiffany and her famous boyfriend’s life, the get down on one knee moment, remember that one? OK the video is below..

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“As a man, this is that day where you throw your player card away and you kinda gotta step up and be a family man, and she deserves it. It’s been a long run, and we’ve been together at least seven years. We’ve been off, we’ve been on, we’ve been arguing, we fought.

“We had good times and bad times, and I think that at the end of the day, as a man, this is something that I owed to her and I owed to my family, so it was time.” Said the rapper at that time.

There is not info about Ms. Cambridge, except for the fact that she is  37 years of age, she has been with Game since 2005 and she is the mother of her daughter Cali Dream, and her son King Justice

Read More of Cambridge bio here

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  1. Congratz!

  2. he’s not a singer he’s a rapper smh

  3. Congratz but she looks older than 37, just saying…

  4. She is a beautiful woman, but she just looks a lot older than 37. I wish them well!

  5. Congratulations, but I think we need a age check. She’s got to be 40+

  6. I said the same thing like she has to be a lot older.

  7. I TOTALLY AGREE..thise bags under her eyes sho looks 40 plus….past plus..but u like it i love it..congrads

  8. I should ask how old is this woman she looks very old compared to the Game #hides

  9. Congrats The Game & Tiffany! People why y’all worrying about how old Tiffany is or isn’t? They love one another and that’s all that matters in the end. POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!

  10. no she dont

  11. lol totally agree

  12. because she is a old ugly witch that acts like she is his mother and looks old enough to be his mother

  13. Ery body shut the F&%^$ up! Leg Game be happy!! RED NATION!!!

  14. i think he wants a lady who is going to baby him.. she look and act as if she is playing a mother role i think the marriage is a waste of time… he really need a young model chick on his level.. but old grandma tiffany isnt having that!! but i do agree i think she is wayy older then 37 BLACK dont age to fast.. unless she was a heavy chain smoker back in her day…

  15. Its not easy 2 b wit an “average” man let alone deal wit da stresses of being wit a rapper, I’ll be lookin stressed 2 lol. Regardless of how old she is/looks, r yall really gone down talk his wife to be? Get a life ppl! Congrats xoxox

  16. at first i thought that she was his mama at first she does look like a senior citizen

  17. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s yours. One thing about an opinion its not fact. I could care less if she look like his grandma they happy. So your opinion nor anyone else’s has any pull or relevance nor is it needed to dictate their happiness. Stop being a hater.

  18. I’m with you Matthew…. Let them be happy! Its their life & their decision

  19. I’m so sorry but she looks way older than 37. I’m 39 and I don’t have bags under my eyes or look stressed and I have an average man I’ve been married to for 15 years. If you trust your man and believe in your relationship then she has nothing to constantly be fussing and stressing about. I think if she’s that old she needs to stop acting so childish. I wish Game and Tiffany all the best, because I’m not marrying either one of them. That’s my two cents……….

  20. I listened to Game on Howard Stern this week, great interview.. Gary you should of let your son meet him, lol.. Congrats on your life and your engagement. For all the haters, everyone loves the one they want, and she’s a looking lady.

  21. yea yur right black really dont age a whole lot between 19 to about 28-29 n from 30-31 to about 40

  22. So he dated the model in 2006 but has been with Tiff since 2005. Game will have a whole gotta trouble bein faithful. I like they’re relationship but it just don’t seem like a good match. Christy older than Jim Jens however they look so perfect together

  23. First, Congrats on their marriage! Second she does look much older than 37 (C’mon be serious), 3rd I’ve watched their show and she does act like his mother. Very ghetto and childish!


  25. you sound like a hater b/c although she is older than him she is gorgeous hands down

  26. Confused….I thought she walked out on him? Did they get married? Want to know…..

  27. lie she older than some 37 jus sayin

  28. u cant tame no man! he has to make up in his mind that he wants to change if not there is no use. That the problem women thinking they can tame or change a man. Only person that might can change u is God but he still gives us free will. So if he gives us free will n he’s God what makes us as humans think we can change one another. Think about, food for thought.

  29. yall trippn on his wife age why???? after all shes only 4yrs older then him,,,i give HER MUCH PROPS…must younger men date older women to get taken care of,,,but BAMB HE HAS AND WILL contiue to take care of her by providing a LAVISH LIFESTYLE….LMAO..WITH YALL MONEY…LOL….CAUSE IM NOT A FAN,,

  30. HEY TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA LUV U GIRL….ur not only older then a man who can have his choice of women,,,,ur the love of his life and he CHOOSE to love and adore uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….so TO ALL HER HATERS,,,haten is diesease…lol…ur my she-hero…lovely family,living da gud life wit a man who adores you and only u…

  31. i swear why do this young girls act like 40 is so old…..she looks good for her age all rappers dont date young chicks….i give props to her that she can pull one and shes jus a tadbit older than him….

  32. i have to be honest I did end up on this page because I was wondering how old she is….NOT to say she is ugy or anything I was just wondering but now that it Says she is 37yrs I do have to admit I’m surprised…Let’s be Honest SHE LOOKS OLDER THEN HALLE BERRY.,,Who happens to be 47yrs. old

  33. I agree! She does look older than Halle Berry.. But here nor there, that really doesn’t matter. Their both nice looking individuals. If they did marry, CONGRATS and if not oh well…

  34. You could tell she was older just by looking at her. However, I agree with Abby. That’s what he wants: an older woman that’s gonna take care of him to make up for what he missed out on as a child. However, an older more mature woman in her late 30’s early 40’s already knows what she wants and is probably not willing to except ALL that comes with his life style!!! So I think both of them are wrong for trying to make each other change. Maybe if they both were around the same age and had met earlier-that might have worked but: “they are totally in two different places in life!” She made the correct decision…for them and the kids!!!!

  35. Tiffany be acting like his damn momma! The shit be pissin’ me off because Jayceon don’t even be checkin’ her for it. Also, it is a ugly thing to see a mother try to use her children against the father when shit go down hill.

  36. PPL please that lady is FREAKKKKKIN Pretty everyone hates becasue they not as pretty or they cant get her..jokes on yall she looks good for her age…..very good now shut up…

  37. She got some age on her . Whatever age she is he will never catch up with her

  38. 4real…she looks extra old.. he could have a model but he went for sm1 like that.. ehhhh

  39. why a model? maybe game’s wife is smart, business savvy and able to raise her kids type just maybe. a lot of rappers believe it or not marry average looking girls . these girls hold it down for them and raise their kids etc.. at the end of the day you want to come to someone outside that showbiz attention seeking party hollywood life. i like by the way
    you dont have to agree but you dont have to be mean about it. only haters are mean. blessings.

  40. Na na….she looks her age…..she a grown ass woman on her game doin her fam…..haters gon hate but se holdin it down for her fam……she don’t look old unless everyone on here is hella young….the key word is she’s a WOMAN….the best feelin in the world is to know you have a WOMAN not just a girlfriend…..and btw game is only 4 or 5 yrs younger than her. Personally to me I think she looks dam good and to top it off she’s a very good educated smart woman!

  41. Tiffany is an undercover gold digger, looking for a meal ticket. She does not love Jayceon, its a hell of an opportunity. Jayceon is smart to not marry her. She does not love him, she don’t even like rap. Jayceon is a realist and Tiffany lives to impress. For one she has too many influences from her girlfriends. She doesnt want to be a housewife, she wants a life! As soon as you marry her, shes not putting up with none of your stuff, because she doesnt love you, She loves your money. Whats wrong with buying a cake for $500 vs $3000, Rappers dont last forever. Jayceon has to think about his future. One day, Jayceon you will be old school. Its too bad you fell in love with her. Shes going to hold those children over your head as long as she can, until you say I Do! The sooner you do, the sooner shes going to plan her get away. Shes the perfect looking woman, but underneath it all, Jayceon (Rapper) is not what she had in mind. The sooner you say I Do! she is get rid of you, and find the man of her dreams. ………..Wake up Jayceon, its not about the looks, its about real love, ask Grandma!

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