Tova Traesnaes Borgnine is Ernest Borgnine’s Wife

Tova Traesnaes Borgnine is Ernest Borgnine’s Wife

The dear and amazing Ernest Borgnine passed away on July 8th, 2012 due to renal failure, his children and beloved wife Tova Traesnaes were by his side. Mr. Borgnine was 95.

Ernest Borgnine Wife Tova Traesnaes Borgnine pic

95-year-old Enest Borgnine was born in Connecticut to Italian immigrants Anna Boselli and Camillo Borgnino. His family named was then change to Borgnine.

Borgnine got married five time, his first wife was Rhoda Kemins in 1949, they marriage last until 1958, from their union he  welcomed his daughter Nancee, now age 62. His second wife came in 1958 to Mexican actress Katy Jurado, they had no children and got divorced in 1963.

Rhoda Kemmins Ernest BorgnineNancee Borgnine Ernest Borgnne daughterKaty Jurado Ernest Borgnine

The following year he got married to Ethel Merman the singer, his third wife and shortest marriage only lasted a month. In 1965 he got married to his fourth wife Donna Rancourt with whom he  had three children, 49-year-old Sharon, 43-year-old Christopher, and 41-year-old Diana. They got divorce in 1972.

Ethel Merman Ernest BorgnineChristopher Borgnine Ernest Borgnine sonDonna rancourt Ernest Borgnine

Now at last came the lady of our story the beautiful and elegant Tova Traesnaes.

Here is Mrs. Traesnaes’  little biography…

71-year-old Tova Traesnaes Borgnine In case the name sounds familiar that is just because Tova Borgnine is the founder of Beauty By Tova Cosmetics. She was born in Oslo, Norway on November 17th, 1941 to  English translator mother and a graphic artist father, Tova’s parents separated.when she was 12 and she moved with her mother to the United States.

Mrs. Traesnaes  relocated to Manhattan where she decided to study acting, but cosmetics came in her way and she just could resist, although she was more into applying it to other rather into her own face.

Like her hubby, she has been married before, her fist marriage was to a business man from New Jersey, but while she had the opportunity to make her dreams come true and open her first make-up business, her marriage failed. After her divorced she took comfort  in her mother’s love and when to live with her in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas.

In 1972 while in Las Vegas Tova opened a make-up boutique she was 31 at the time met Ernest who was  almost 25 years older than her, they met thru a mutual friend Marty Allen who set them up on a blind date for his birthday party.

“I was so depressed, the last thing I wanted to do was to meet another woman. We started talking. Next thing I knew, everyone was ready to go home—and we were still talking.”

Soon they began dating and after three months he proposed,  eleven months later Tova and Ernest got married in Las Vegas, the date was February 24th, 1973.. They didn’t have any children but they were happily in love.

Tova Borgnine became quite successful with her cosmetics, face  creams and perfumes, one of exquisite fragrances Star of the Year awarded Tova with the FiFi Award in 1988.

Our thoughts and prayers to Tova Borgnine,the actor’s children other family members, friends and friends during this sad time.

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  1. So sorry about Ernie, You’re in my prayers. I have lost a husband also–so I do understand.
    I have been a fan of you both for alot of years, and used your products.
    May God Bless.


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