VIDEO: Nick Savalas- Tori Spelling’s Ex-Boyfriend who called her Ugly (PHOTOS)

VIDEO: Nick Savalas- Tori  Spelling’s Ex-Boyfriend who called her Ugly (PHOTOS)

Back in the 90’s 90210 actress Tori Spelling now a married woman and mother of three adorable children, was not so confortable with herself, she was very insecure and the reason for that is that her then boyfriend Nick Savalas who is Kojak Terry Savalas’ son and Nicollete Sheridan’s brother called her ugly 10 times a day every day. check more about Nick.

Nicholas Savalas Tori Spelling pics

It was 1993 and 20-year-old Tori Spelling was dating Nick Savalas during their two year relationship Tori said he told her how ugly she was, every day, repeatedly.

‘It was a nightmare. He was never physically abusive, but he was verbally abusive, telling me 10 times a day how ugly I was.”

The pair met at a club, when they started dating her parents were not pleased. So Tori moved out of her parents’ house and move in with Nick.

Nicholas Savalas Tori Spelling photosNicholas Savalas Tori Spelling picNick Savalas Tori Spelling photo

Her friends and even colleagues at 90210 told her he was not the right guy for her, after two years together Tori had it called her friends and asked them to help her move all of nick’s things out of her house, and not just they gathered his stuff but they went to his house and dropped all of it  at front lawn.

Nicholas Savalas Tori Spelling photoNicholas Savalas Tori Spelling pictureNicholas Savalas Tori Spelling

Nick Savalas was born Nicholas Savalas on February 24th, 1973 to Kojak actor Terry Savalas and his girlfriend at that time Sally Adams. they never got married parents met in 1969 while both worked at James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Nicholas Savalas family photoSally Adams Sheridan Nick Savalas mother

Nick’s mom also known as Sally Sheridan is the mother of actress Nicolette Sheridan. Sally gave birth to her daughter in 1963 when she was just a 16-year-old girl, Nicollette’s father whose name has never been revealed (but I read somewhere his first name was Arthur) left her and her mother when she was one,he joined  the  British Air Force and never came back, Mr. Savalas became her father figure, she was shattered when he left Sally in 1976.

Telly Savalas Julie HovlandAriana Savalas

Nick’s step-mother became Julie Hovland travel agent now an artist known as Julie Savalas who  got married to Telly in 1984, and who gave Nick his half siblings Christian and Ariana Savalas Ariana is a singer and Christian an actor.

Christina SavalasTelly Savalas daughter penelope candace savalas

He also has his older siblings Christina, Penelope and Candace from his father’s first two marriages with , Katherine Nicolaides and Marilyn Gardner. Nick Savalas was 21 when he loss his father to prostate cancer on January 22nd, 1994 at the age of 72.

Nick Savalas Tori Spelling photosNick Savalas photo

Nick began his acting career in 1982 when he appeared in one episode of Fantasy Island, then along his father in Kojak: The  Price of Justice in 1987, starred as Yanni Stavros in 19993 in the t.v series Batman and in 1996 gave his voice to the attorney in Superman t.v series and again in the television movie Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, in 1998 we saw him as Danny in the short film Lone Greasers along George Cheung, Ron Jeremy, Peter Dobson.

Nick Savalas photos

Nick Savalas Tori Spelling Video

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  1. tori was not ugly; she was better looking than Nick Savalas but she was not very smart if she could not figure out why he was calling her ugly–he was the insecure one; he felt inferior to her and by slapping her down to his level was a way of hanging on to her

  2. I have always liked Tori 1990’s up to now 2015. I have always thought her to be attractive. I wish she would STOP choosing the bad boy; however, she is married to one now. :/ We’ll see what happens……

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