Who is Max Bretos’ Asian Wife?

Who is Max Bretos’ Asian Wife?

ESPN anchor Max Bretos got himself in one hell of a problem last week when he made a racist joke about New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin,  he apologized for the incident saying he would never said such thing on purpose especially since his beautiful wife is Asian, but who is Mrs. Bretos?

Max Bretos Asian wife photos

23 year-old Jeremy Lin is living one of the best moments of his young career, and he has given us one of the best Knicks games we have seen in quite some time, but what makes him so freaking great? his talent? of course but in my own personal opinion his humbleness, keeping his feet grounded makes him freaking awesome, not to mention handsome!!

Probably it made some morons jealous and when the Knicks to the Hornets media blamed it on him, ESPN published an article about that calling Lin Chink in the Armor, the same phrase used Bretos on air, that phrase cost the writer his job, and Bretos was suspended for 30 days. ESPN send an apology to Jeremy..

“Last night, ESPN.com’s mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am ET. The headline was removed at 3:05 am ET. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake.”

We again apologize, especially to Mr. Lin. His accomplishments are a source of great pride to the Asian-American community, including the Asian-American employees at ESPN. Through self-examination, improved editorial practices and controls, and response to constructive criticism, we will be better in the future.

Bretos went to his Twitter to explained what happened..

Max BretosMax Bretos @mbretosESPN

My wife is Asian, would never intentionally say anything to disrespect her and that community.  Wanted 2 apologize 2 all those I have upset. Not done with any racial reference. Despite intention,phrase was inappropriate in this context.

Jeremy on the other hand, said this..

I don’t think it was on purpose or whatever, but (at) the same time they have apologized. And so from my end I don’t care anymore. You have to learn to forgive, and I don’t even think that was intentional. Or hopefully not.”

So we are done with that, but one  questions remains, who is Max Bretos Asian wife? What is the name of Bretos’ Wife?

I couldn’t find it anywhere, but she sure is beautiful, we knew that they have a son and live in Connecticut, but other than that, NADA!! Well  except for her Mrs. Bretos’ picture and  her adorable son, so cute!!

Max Bretos Asian wife picMax Bretos Asian wife pictureMax Bretos Asian wife sonpic

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