Miranda Kerr’s Hair Care Tips and Home Made Hair Treatment Recipe: Apply Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Once a Week!

Miranda Kerr  recently revealed her hair care secret, which is a home made hair care treatment recipe, to mix olive oil and lemon juice and apply at least once a week. What are the benefits of  Olive Oil And Lemon Juice for hair treatment? Just read below.

Miranda Kerr's Hair Care Tips and Home Made Hair Treatment RecipeApply Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Once a Week!

Olive Oil And Lemon Juice for hair care and to repair split ends

”Olive oil and lemon juice! At least once a week, I mix the two together and leave the mixture on my hair for as long as possible. It’s a home recipe my mother taught me and I have yet to find a better way to repair my split ends after a catwalk show.”

Here are the top benefits of Olive oil (Extra virgin oil) for hair care

  • Top emollients that can penetrate the hair than the others
  • Great moisturizing ability.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that increase scalp health
  • Prevent dandruff.
  • Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, essential for hair growth
  • Repair split end
  • Can be applied to sensitive skin and hair.

Lemon Juice hair treatment

Lemon juice, rich in vitamin A and B, phosphorus and antioxidants, is also a natural treatment that has the following features

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Make it shiny and strong.
  • Can be applied to any hair type

Get enough Zn mineral for hair care

  • Use Clear, the clean dandruff shampoo

Miranda uses Clear, the clean dandruff shampoo because she found out that the amount of Zn minerals in this product’s mineral water equivalent to 1.000l prevent scalp from dandruffing again.

  • Drinking green tea

Mirranda who was professional in nutrition, drinking green tea everyday because green tea contains Zn that is good for health, and green tea also beneficial for scalp and increase immune system.

Rose oil for glowing skin

An extra little tip for Miranda Kerr’s skin care

”I always have a hydrating spray with me and I go crazy with rose oil during the flight. Aside from giving me glowing skin by the time I land, it given me all the hydration I need.

Miranda Kerr quotes

“You can not be confident and beautiful on the outside, if not healthy and beautiful from the inside”.

Focuses on the provision of adequate water and minerals to keep the skin moist.

Stay away from things that can cause dry scalp, loss of moisture causes dandruff.

Instead of using the usual dandruff shampoo, you should choose the special shampoo formula mineral supplement and increase the humidity helps the scalp clean and healthy root bucket.