Alina Powell is Josh Powell Sister

Alina Powell is Josh Powell Sister

Josh Powell’s sister Alina Powell defends her brother’s suicidal action where he not just ended his life but his sons ages 7 and 5, in Alina’s crazy mind she sees her brother killing his sons to protect them.

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Josh Powell was considered a person interest in the December 2009 disappearance of his wife Susan Cox Powell, the chances of investigating  him vanished when he killed himself and his two sons in a premeditated house explosion.

On Sunday February 5th. 5-year-old Braden and 7-year-old Charles were taken to their father’s house in  Graham, Washington for a supervised visit with Elizabeth Griffin Hall a care worker for the Foster Care Resource Network, the children walked in front of her when they got inside the house, but Josh slammed the door in Griffin Hall’s face and stopped her from entering the residence, she then called 911 and said she was afraid for the lives of  the children  she had been taking care for quite some time.

Then it was the horrible explosion that made impossible any attempt to rescued the children, it was later revealed that Josh Powell attacked the children with a hatchet before the fire.

Firefighters arrived three minutes after the 911 call, but it was too late. At the same time Alina Powell called 911 terrified she has just heard her brother’s voicemail, apologizing for hurting everyone and saying goodbye. Alina said she was afraid to drive to her brother house and what she would discovered.

“left me a voicemail,” saying “something about [how] he can’t live without his sons and goodbye.” I terrified to drive over there. I’m afraid of seeing something, I don’t want to see.”

Alina Powell’s father Steven Powell is in jail after “thousands of images of females being photographed without their knowledge, including Susan Powell and many minors” since September, he is also considered a person of interest in Mrs. Cox Powell homicide.

A few days later after the tragedy, Alina comes out to talked about what she thinks of her brother doing by killing his young sons…

“I think he must have just felt that there was only one way left to protect his sons from the pain from all the emotional and physical pain that they’ve been experiencing, I’ve never received any indication from him or the boys that he had anything to do with it,” she said in the interview. “And trust me I looked for it hard. I studied every word he said, every action he made.”

“I can’t put myself in his mind.  But I think he must have been more heartbroken than I realized than any of us realized.”

“When I got there I just stopped in the middle of the road. I said it looks like his home exploded and it’s just practically gone,” she said. “I wake up and I feel like it didn’t really happen. It just takes a few minutes for it to sink in. I just miss them all so much. They were my boys. All three of them, they were my boys,”

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Alina Powell still believes her brother had nothing to do with her sister in-law Susan’s disappearance and possible homicide.

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