Ann Colley is Robert Kennedy Jr. Affair???

Ann Colley is Robert Kennedy Jr. Affair???

Just two weeks after Mary Kennedy was found dead at her home, sources close to her speak about Mary’s confession concerning the alleged affair between her estranged husband Robert Kennedy Jr’s and Ann Colley whose husband Bruce had an affair with Mary sister in-law Kerry Kennedy, but I wonder was she Robert’s mistress? Who is she?

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52 year-old Mary Kennedy was found hanged at her home in Bedford State New York on My 16th, her estranged hubby Robert Kennedy Jr and sister in-law Kerry Kennedy said she was battling with depression but her closest friend depression was not an issue,

“Mary became a trouble person because of her divorce.”

He is dating actress Cheryl Hines, (some suggested Hines’ tweets suggested she had taken Mary’s place in Kennedy’s life, closest friends and family), but that’s a different story,and although Mary’s suffering began since her husband filed for divorce in 2010, stopping his financial support and began a parade with women that became his girlfriends but did he ever cheated on Mary while with her?

Today we heard about another of Mary’s confessions, regarding the fact her hubby might have cheated on her with Ann Colley a close friend and fund raiser.

54 year-old Ann Colley from Charlotte, North Carolina was married to Bruce Colley an avid polo player whose family became rich  with his father Eugene Colley from Colley Group owner of over 100 McDonald’s franchises and part owner od Chelsea hot spot Man Ray the Chelsea hot spot, while Kerry Kennedy was married to Andrew Cuomo, she [Kerry] became close to Colley and her husband, until she began an affair with Bruce that continued even after she was caught by Cuomo and after Ann became aware of the affair that was sometime around July, 2003.

It was rumored that Cuomo begged Robert to intervene and pleaded for him to talk his sister into break things up with Bruce, it was during this time he [Kennedy Jr] that got to know Ann Colley, to his eyes she was the poor victim caught in the middle of his sister’s shameless actions, and she was for sure, but Mary became suspicious that  what might have began as pity turned into love. Ann and Bruce Colley had two sons together Davies and adopted son Daniel

Mrs. Colley eventually filed for divorce her cheating husband of 10 years on December 2010 and well as Cuomo divorce his cheating wife,  Ann Colley is a board member at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management who gave Robert’s Riverkeeper charity  tons of cash. Bruce Colley is currently married to his wife Teresa de Seguera

Here is a little bio of Ann Colley..

Ann Colley is the Executive Director and Vice President of The Moore Charitable Foundation, established in 1994, which has as its mission environmental conservation, concentrating on land and water conservation. The Foundation has 90 conservation grantees in its portfolio. Ann lives in New York and is on the Land Trust Alliance National Council, Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Trustees, Riverkeeper and Group for the East End Board of Directors, and serves on YouthAIDS Leadership Council

Sources said after Mary became suspicious her husband was having an affair with Colley she tried to get her fired from the board..”

“Mary tried to get Ann thrown off the board,”

In the midst of these publications media approached Ann Colley but she said she never had an affair with Kennedy..

”The accusation that I had a romantic relationship with Bobby Kennedy is false,”

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