Chris Ciaffa Is Mimi Rogers Husband

What happened to Tom Cruise’s first wife actress Mimi Rogers? Did she remarry? Who is her husband now? Does she have any children? She sure is married and with children. Mimi’s husband is Chris Ciaffa.

Chris Ciaffa Mimi Rogers Husband pic

56-year-old Miriam “Mimi” Rogers who in fact is really named Miriam Spickler as her former hubby Tom Cruise who is about to divorce his third wife, Mimi has been married three times. Her first hubby was Jim Rogers in 1977, they divorce after three years and she then in 1987 she got married to Tom Cruise, after their divorced was finalized in 1990 she moved in with her third hubby Chris Ciaffa.

Jim Rogers Mimi RogersMimi Rogers Tom Cruise

Chris and Mimi lived together for 13 years before they got married on March 20, 2003. They have two children together sixteen-year-old Lucy Julia Rogers Ciaffa born o November 20, 1995 and eleven-year-old Charles Rogers Ciaffa born on July 30, 2001.

49 year-old Christopher Ciaffa is a film producer for suck movies like Unstoppable, My Horrible Year, Harlan County War, Charms Of a Easy Life and the Devil’s Aritmetic.

Chris Ciaffa also collaborated in  Doctor Mordrid and Trancers III, he was a production aide in Christmas Vacation.

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