Cindy Schaap Is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana Dr. Jack Schaap’s Wife

What a terrible news  for Cindy Schaaps her husband Dr. Jack Schaaps the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana  was caught kissing with a 16-year-old girl when pictures on his cell were exposed.

Cindy Schaap Jack Schaap wife pic

We all saw the shameful news, 54-year-old Dr, Jack Schaaps was for 11 years the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana but he was fired from his position by the board of deacons when he confessed of having an affair with a female church member who he has been counseling when she  was a member at First Baptist Trisha Kee, she was 16 at the time of the affair, now 17.

His confession came after he left his cell phone at a deacon’s office, so when a text was received the deacon couldn’t help looking at the picture attached to the text, Pastor Schaap making out with the sender, an underage girl

Schaaps’  affair is no the first sexual controversy the church of Hammond have encountered, his predecessor Jack Hyles was once accused of allowing that for a period of 6 six a mentally ill woman to be raped, assaulted and battered.

Jack Hyles happens to be Jack Schaaps’ father in-law.

Here is a little bio on Jack Schaaps’ wife Cindy Schaap..

Cindy Schaap Jack Schaap wife photoCindy Schaap Jack Schaap wife pictureCindy Schaap Jack Schaap wife

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  1. Praying for Cindy Schaap and their family and praying for Former Pastor Jack Schaap. I remember him when I attended First Baptist Church of Hammond. They NEED all the prayers they can get.

  2. I just finished reading meek and quiet spirit and this is soo sad I will definally keep the family in my prayers my pastors wife always tells me keep your eyes off people and eyes on the lord that’s what people should do God is our only true judge so let’s not judge this family! Let’s just pray!

  3. How the hell can y’all pray for a guy like that. He knows what he was doing and that he did wrong and y’all still wanna pray for a person like that. A person that talks about the word of The Lord. To me he is sick in the head and needs help but ppl wanna pray for him. So pray for everyone else that did the same thing he did pray for the killers and everyone else that fucks up big too.

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