Claudene Christian is HMS Bounty Crew Member Killed By Sandy

Claudene Christian is HMS Bounty Crew Member Killed By Sandy

Superstorm Sandy has claimed the lives of over 20 people in the East coast, one of Sandy’s victim is Claudene Christian,  she was one of the crew member at the HMS Bounty the replica ship that sank on Sunday. This is Ms. Christian’s story photos and video below.

HMS Bounty Claudene Christian bio

42-year-old Claudene Christian,  was described as a fun loving human being, caring, always happy and had the ability to put a smile on your face even on your darkest days. While Claudene Christian, has left her loving family and friends her memory will live forever in the lives of those who she touched.

I couldn’t come up with the right word to describe Claudine Christine when I was told to  describe her in three words, who can’t she had so many amazing qualities and the fact that he had the voice of an angel make loosing her so much of a burden.

Claudene M. Christian was born October 18, 197 in Anchorage, Alaska the only child of  Claudene and Rex Christian a fireman, while in Alaska Claudine worked  as a hostess at birthday parties in McDonald’s, talented gymnast [floor, vault, bars and beam]was Miss Alaska National Teen-Ager, Miss Alaska All American Co-ed and then in 1988 she spread her wings to college in California.

Claudene Christian HMS Bounty crew motherClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew mother claudene senior

Claudene attended the university of Southern California, while she was there she funded Cheerleader Doll company which creates exact replica Collegiate Cheerleader Fashion Dolls. She received her Masters in Business Administration and sports information from USC in 1992.

claudene christian USC picclaudene christian USC picsClaudene Christian HMS Bounty cheerleader dolls company picClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_image

Claudene Christian’s Facebook page is here and Twitter here, her old MySpace page here.

A year later she was working as a Promotion Manager at Church Hill Downs Inc/ Hollywood Park Racetrack and when she left in 2001 she became a Ltd Partner with Dragon Bar Hermosa Beach. In May, Claudene Christian joined the crew members at the HMS Bounty the replica of the original Bounty her great, great, great, great, great grandfather Fletcher Christian once commanded in 1970.

Claudene Christian HMS Bounty crew photosClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_photoClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-photos

Ms. Christian died Monday at the Hospital, she and captain Robin Walbridge, 63 were  the only two crew members who couldn’t make it to the lifeboats when Sandy hit them. Claudene might have been in the water from 9 to 10 hours when she was found she was given CPR, but she was already gone. She was living wit her parents in Vian, Okla.

HMS Bounty shipwreck picHMS Bounty shipwreckThe Bounty shipwreck picThe Bounty shipwreck

Our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends throughout this terrible time.

Claudene Christian HMS Bounty cheerleader dolls companyClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew pictureClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_picturesClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_picsClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_picClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew picturesClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew photoClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_photosClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-photoClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-picsClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-picClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-pictureClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew-picturesClaudene Christian HMS Bounty crew_picture


  1. This is a tragic, senseless death. The captain should have never had got underway with this storm approach and with the ship just re enteringing the water, without fuel filters and with being so close to shore. Instead he sailed right into it. A terrible tragedy marked by poor decision making.

  2. What a great tribute. Miva’s post is not about blame but a tribute to a special spirit. I met Claudene in Halfix, NS this summer during a private reception on the Bounty. In a 15-20 minute conversation I realized I met one of those special people one meets only a few times in a a lifetime. She was one of those “thousand points of light” that make this world a better place. She emitted an energy, an enthusiasm and passion for life we should all be ashamed we don’t embrace. I commend her parents for allowing her to pursue her dreams while risking their own comfort and desire to protect her. I can barely imagine the hurt of those who knew her better. She told me she wanted to own the Bounty someday, now she has taken the eternal helm – without the methods or her forefather. w

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