Dhea Sodano- Lil Wayne Girlfriend/ Fiancee

Dhea Sodano- Lil Wayne Girlfriend/ Fiancee

Lil Wayne is nearly off the market, since according to his latest Tweets he and his sexy girlfriend Dhea Sodano just got engaged, so what do we know about the lucky lady? who is really Lil Wayne’s lady Dhea?

Dhea Sodano Lil Wayne girlfriend fiancee

Lil Wayne’s stunning girlfriend now also fiancée? well not really, you see Lil Wayne pulled out a joke, when he tweeted that Dhea said yes, he meant to be his Valentine’s, no Yes to “The Question” Good one!! also we need to clarify another rumor, Dhea is not pregnant!

Still we are going to try to know more about his girl, Dhea Sodano who is also known as Dhea Suede and Dhea Carter, who comes from an Italian heritage, she resided in Scottsdale, Arizona and used to be a waitress at Suede Restaurant and Lounge. One of the first times we saw her was when they were spotted at the beach in Miami, at that time nobody knew her name, but one thing was for sure, they became inseparable.

What else is there about Ms. Sodano? sadly nothing, we found a profile, probably is our girl Dhea, who was one said is pursuing an acting career, if that is the case she might had a small part in the 2009 film Cabras, but then again we can’t confirm

Last November we heard rumors about Lil and Dhea getting married, remember that one? check that story here.

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