Ina R. Drew JP Morgan Executive- Out after $2 billion trading loss

Ina R. Drew JP Morgan Executive- Out after $2 billion trading loss

As we all know top Executives are leaving the jobs they dedicated for years at JP Morgan in the midst of the $2 billion trading loss scandal we heard about a few weeks ago, the latest of these executives is Ina R. Drew who resigned just today, want to know more about Ms. Drew and her role at JP Morgan?

Ina R Drew JP Morgan executive 2 billion trading loss

Ina R. Drew is not just considered one of JP Morgan’s highest-ranking executives at JP Morgan where she has been for the past seven years but she is also considered highest-ranking women at Wall Street.

On February 2005, 55 year-old Ina R. Drew was named a Chief Investment Officer at JP,before that on July, 2003 she served as Head of Global Treasury before that she was working as manager at Chemical Bank (1982) and named managing director in 1986, before that she was found at Bank of Tokyo Trust Co. in New York  sometime around 1979. Ina earned  her master’s degree in international economics from the School of International Affairs at Columbia University, and B.A. degree from John Hopkins University where she also a trustee plus director at Legal Momentum. Last year Forbes estimated that Ina Dew’s salary was estimated at $15,509,866, so in detail that is her salary$500,000, stock Awards$8,937,000, bonus$5,000,00, option Awards$1,108,000 and other$398,231,this makes the grand total of the $15 million  and remember this was on 2010, who knows how much was she getting pay this year.

Ina r. Drew’s husband is Dr. Howard Drew they are the proud parents of their two lovely daughters.

Colleagues at the bank and other who once met Ina Drew were shocked by the news of her resignation under these circumstances.

This is killing her,” one of the former JPMorgan executives said, adding that “in banking, there are very large knives.”

She’s a person of the highest integrity. She was conservative on the risk side, she’s not a speculator.”

“I’m very upset for her,” said William Harrison, who was chief executive of JPMorgan Chase before Mr. Dimon’s tenure. “She looked out for the company first. I’ve always been a great fan.”

Like Ina Drew, executives senior London trader, Javier Martin-Artajo and Achilles Macris, a top JPMorgan official in London are expect to leave JP Morgan.

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