Ivette Rivera is Empire State Building Victim Steven Ercolino’s Girlfriend/ Fiance (PHOTOS)

Ivette Rivera is Empire State Building Victim Steven Ercolino’s Girlfriend/ Fiance (PHOTOS)

Meet Ivette Rivera she was the girlfriend and soon to be wife of Steven Ercolino, who as we all know was shot dead by his former employee Jeffrey Johnson who blamed his for his economic status.

Ivette Rivera Steven Ercolino girlfriend photos

It was really sad and shocking to see the photos of 41-year-old Steven Ercolino’s lifeless body  moments after Jeffrey Johnson shot him  five or four times in the head and body right in front of the empire State building where Mr. Ercolino worked.

Johnson was fired from his job two years ago, he blamed Mr. Ercolino he thought he didn’t do enough to prevent him from loosing his job after 6 years working there. He had confronted Ercolino n the past, to the point that he was frighten for his safely, he filed a complain after Johnson threaten to kill him. The final straw went on when Johnson’s landlord threatened him with eviction.

Mr. Ercolino arrived at his work at  Hazan Import Corp where he worked as a salesman at about 9:30 a.m, Jeffrey Johnson, 58  was waiting for him behind a truck, when he spotted Mr. Ercolino he shot him in the head and four more times in the body with a 45- caliber star 1911 pistol.

He then left the scene, but a construction worker who witnessed the murder followed him and alerted the police. At first it was said Johnson inured pedestrian while  he was been chased by the cops, but the 9 people who got inured, where the results of fragments or bullets fired by the NYPD. Johnson was killed by police.

A family mourns the loss of their beloved Steven, who was described as a kind, sweet, and amazing brother, son, uncle, friend and boyfriend.

Mr. Ercolino’s girlfriend Ivette Rivera who live with him, is devastated, they had wedding plans and family and friends described as “the perfect couple”

“Everything they did, they did together as a couple,” said her brother Marcos Rivera. “He definitely was a good person. She said he was her baby, that’s what she used to say. He made her happy.

“She was the love of his life,” said Anne Flugmacher, 56, an Ercolino cousin. “I met her, and they were very good together.”

They always wanted to get married,” his brother Paul said wistfully Saturday at the family home in Warwick, Orange County. “He didn’t have a ring, I don’t think.”

“They were supposed to get married very soon,” Walter said. “It’s just devastating right now for her and all of us.  She’s destroyed,”

“It was like everything was great, it was beautiful. She had found something that had changed her whole life for the better, and now it was taken away.”

Ivette Rivera, opened her heart about her loss on Facebook which is here

“My life will never be the same without my baby, my protector, my best friend, my everything,” she wrote.

“It will be hard to face every day without him by my side. No words can describe my pain. I don’t know how to live without him,” she added. “I need him so much.”

38-year-old Ivette Rivera a law graduate from Bronx, NY met Steven thru her mother who met him from work, they moved in together four years ago, they reside in Hoboken, New Jersey and recently spend a glorious vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

Ivette Rivera is an executive assistant and recruit coordinator at Dechert LLP, She first arrived at Dechert in 1999, for the next six years she worked as an administration assistant and facilities coordinator, then in June 2006 she worked for Worldwide Engineering  as an office manager. Then on July, 2008 she was returned to Dechert becoming their executive assistant.

Ivette is going thru a very difficult time, her family said she refused to leave the bed, hasn’t been eating, her sister from Miami along with several close friends are flying to be with her, it is unknown it Ivette will make it to Steven’s funeral at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, also in White Plains on Wednesday, he will be cremated.


Ivette and her family said their final goodbye  to their dear Steven Ercolino on Wednesday at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in White Plains, where Steve siblings and Ivette remembered the beauty of his soul, the kindest of his heart, the laughter he brought to their lives and the joy to had him in their lives.

Ivette tried between tears to talk about Steve..

“He saved me. I saved him,”

“When we were together, we weren’t two adults. We were big kids. I know I will see him again,” she said. “If not in this life, then in the afterlife.” “I am so grateful to him for making me part of this family,”

Then came his brothers Peter and Paul and sister Mary Rashford.
“He had an amazing ability to make people laugh and even more amazingly to laugh at himself. Steven was a devoted son to our parents. The memory I have of him is of always holding, embracing and kissing my mom. He was the epitome of how a son should treat, respect and love a mother.”

“He was my dad’s best friend,” she added. “They talked every day. Their last texts were them going back and forth teasing each other about the Jets-Giants exhibition game.”

Mary then addressed to Ivette..
“You’ve fulfilled him and you were his soulmate,” she said. “You completed him. You are our family and we will hold each other up and try to heal.
She closed her speech by saying..

“We will forever be chipped away at and left with a hole, but we are not broken,” Mary said at the church service. “We will honor his life by living as he did: with laughter and with love.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her her family as well as Mr. Ercolino’s family and friends. This was not a goodbye but see you later, Steve!

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