Kanae Miyahara Is Nick Vujicic’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio, videos)

Kanae Miyahara Is Nick Vujicic’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio, videos)

Who is Kanae Miyahara? Meet Kanae Miyahara now. Many of you know who is motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, he is that amazing motivational speaker who was born without legs and arms, but that has not stopped him from reaching million of people, telling his motivational story, spreading the word of God and helping and encouraging them in their lives. Well that same Nick has recently got married to his beautiful girlfriend Kanae Miyahara and this is what we know about her.

Kanae Miyahara Nick Vijicic wife image

I could go on and talk non-stop about 29 year-old Nick Vuicic who I had the great pleasure to meet personally at one of his motivational conferences, he really blew my mind!! But we are all about his stunning wife today, they actually got married on February 10th in sunny California, and got engaged last August. They are currently celebrating their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about beautiful Kanae Miyahara, but we sure have pictures. Check those out!!!

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  1. She is a very beautiful and lucky gal!

  2. Good for both of them!

  3. Real Love is There…

    Congratulations !!!

    God Will Protect You!!!

  4. One question? How do they f***? Does he have a d***?

  5. This is really good news. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs Vujicic!!! These couple are truly blessed, and they are also a blessing to people whose lives they have touched – many they have not even met or seen, but have come to know about their story thru the information highway (internet). God is good!

  6. My congratulations are two-fold: to their wonderful marriage, and to their upcoming baby boy! YES!!!

  7. excellent! may God use u more powerfully both . God bless you

  8. of course he has a d***. the real question is, does it hurt when he walks/run? imagine it bouncing on the ground as you walk. *ouch*.

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Vijicic! Best wishes for you. I hope next time your motivational speech will be about love and marriage. There are too many broken families nowadays, I hope you can ‘heal’ them.

    God Bless!

  9. They already have a son now…..

  10. He was born with no arms or legs. He has everything else. Handicap people find a way to make love.

  11. i enjoy watching thier real love made in heaven. May thier love continue to grow.

  12. I was totally surprised by kanae miyahara,I became fan of her,most of the girls prefer many qualities like size,height,money,race and chose the right man,even many girls felt sorry for him,might show some sympathy and shed some tears but no girl except kanae dared to marry him.hats off to kanae

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