Laura McGoldrick is 19 year-old survivor at Peterlee Shootings by Michael Atherton

Laura McGoldrick is 19 year-old survivor at Peterlee Shootings by Michael Atherton

On New Year’s we heard of the terrible massacre that happened at Peterlee where Michael Atherton open fire at a house killing three women. The only survivor was 19 year-old Laura McGoldrick who managed to escaped thru a window even though she was hurt.

laura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-pics

19 year-old Laura McGoldrick had shotgun pellets on her shoulder and arm, but that didn’t stop her from climbing out a window and escaped the mad man inside her house who just killed three members of her family, Laura asked the next door neighbor for help and told them what just happened, she was then taken to the hospital and released the following day.

42 year-old Michael Atherton had been out drinking, while his partner for 19 years Susan, 47, her sister Alison Turnbull, 44, and her daughter Tanya Turnbull, 24 went out elsewhere, just before midnight when they were home in Peterlee  Atherton arrived and open fire killing the three of  them, except for Laura who escaped.

Allison-Turnball- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-photoTanya Turnbull Peterlee shootings Michael AthertonSusan-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-picture

Laura Mcgoldricklaura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-picture

Laura McGoldrick, a performing arts student Susan’s teenage daughter from a previous relationship, has a 17 year-old brother Michael from her mom’s relation with Mr. Atherton who along another male escaped the massacre. Michael Atherton had a heart operation last year and had been suffering from depression ever since, he killed himself after shooting the three women from a close range.

laura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-photolaura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-picslaura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-photoslaura-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-picturesMichael-Athertion-peterlee-shooterSusan-mcgoldrick- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-picAllison-Turnball- peterlee-shooting-michael-atherton-photosMichael-Athertion-peterlee-shooter-pic

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