Marian Thompson was no longer living with her husband Terry Thompson at his property on Muskingum County Animal Farm near Zanesville in Ohio where 56 exotic animals lived. What is Mrs. Thompson story? let find out!


60 year-old Marian Thompson has been working as a 6 grade teacher at Maysville Local School District in Muskingum County for 30 years, she got married to her husband Terry on 1977 the  same year he started purchasing exotic animals. On 1996 Marian received an unexpected birthday gift from her bus band a lion cub, they named Simba.

“There was a baby lion there that was not very healthy, and my husband purchased it for me for my birthday,” she said. “Once you have an exotic animal, you’re somewhat tagged as someone who will take unwanted or abandoned animals. And that’s how it grew. We went to an exotic animal auction and Terry bought me this baby cub as a present. That was the beginning,”

After that they passion, love and devotion towards wild, exotic animals expanded to the point that they owned 56 animals. They never sold any of them, Marian said the reason they have them was because they care and love them.

“We don’t want to sell our animals,” she said. “We don’t want them on display. We don’t choose to do that.” something similar said her husband once “What I don’t have them for is for profit, I do not have these animals for money. I’ve never sold an exotic animal and have no intention of doing it.”

Marian Thompson and her husband separated not long ago, by the time he was released from jail three weeks ago after serving a one year sentence from having guns at his house, she was not living at the 70 acre farm.

Mrs. Thompson’ husband freed the animals on Tuesday just before he killed himself, police notified neighbors about the exotic animals on the loose, also asked then to call 911 in case they saw one, sadly 49 of the whole lot were shot to kill, the rest three leopards, one grizzly bear and two monkeys have been taken to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

Marian arrived at her former home on Wednesday, she begged in tears  to officials not to kill the animals, she receive Jack Hanna with open arms and begged him to have mercy for the remaining animals that she described as her babies.

Hanna rushed to the scene when he heard about the animals, even more when he heard about the Bengal tigers a species that is an endangered . Although he understand the reasons police had to shot the animals he was so sad  about  them all mostly about the tigers.

“When I heard 18, I was still in disbelief,” Hanna says. “The most magnificent creature in the entire world, the tiger is.”

Marian Thompson has been working closely with authorities and Jack Hanna during the whole investigation a friend close to Mr. Thompson said he finds very bizarre that he would freed the animals on purpose, he loved those animals letting them loose was like killing them already.

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