Michalina Lewandowska- Buried Alive by Boyfriend Marcin Kasprzak

Michalina Lewandowska- Buried Alive by Boyfriend Marcin Kasprzak

Her own boyfriend and baby daddy  Marcin Kasprzak shot her with a Taser gun and buried her alive in a carton box, but Michalina Lewandowska escaped and she is very much alive and telling her horrific story.


Michalina and Marcin A.  Kasprzak  from Poland met in 2005, they move to Penistone Road, Waterloo in Huddersfield, England because of their jobs, in 2008 they welcomed their son Jakub nos age three , but Marcin grew tired of Ms. Lewandowska, he wanted to be single and see other women, in fact he was having a relationship behind Michalina’s back, in his mind the only thing between him and his freedom was her, so he planned something cruel to get rid of her and live the life he wanted with his friends, girlfriend and his son.

What happened to 27 year-old Michalina Lewandowska in May 28th, sound like taken from a movie, she was shot twice in her neck with a 300 volt Taser gun by her boyfriend Marcin Karprzak because he was tired of her and didn’t found pretty anymore, so to get rid of her he took her body bounded by the wrists and ankles.

Marcin 25 and her 18 year-old friend Patryk Borys from Rashcliffe Hill Road, Lockwood put her in a computer carton box and drove to a wooden area near Huddersfield, where the dug a hole big enough to buried her, they put branches on top of it. They left her there in the middle of the night, drove to a supermarket and took money  from her credit, they were spotted in a CCTV at about 11:00 a.m .

In the meantime and while they believed Michalina was unconscious and soon dead by  the lack of oxygen, but  all the contraire she was terrified but decided to live, so she fought her way out of her grave and managed to et to the road where a little before twelve a motorist saw her and  help her. Today Michalina tells her story..

“I was trying to push him away. He was using this Taser. He managed to turn me over onto my side, onto my right side. He knelt down, he pressed my ribs with his knee and continued to use the Taser. I think it lasted between five to 10 minutes. He said not to be afraid, that everything will be all right.”

was not easy as I was tied up. The only thing I could move was my head, which was also tied up with the tape.”

She described how her partner knelt down and said he had “hated me for four years”. She described how her partner also mentioned a “secret house” and how she was not going to see him or her son again.

I was sitting there for one, two, maybe three hours, all the time thinking why his family is not there? Why his mother is not around to see what her son is doing? He said to me to lie down as he needed to close it and stick the box up.”


Michelina recently told how she used a ring on her hand to cut the tape on her and them.

“I was sure he was going to kill me and that he wanted to kill me.” When she was told that the box had two holes to help her breath she said. “I can tell you now that they were not left specially or intentionally for me to live.”  “I tried to breathe the rest of the oxygen which was left inside the box.”

Marcin  and his friend were later arrested at his home, they appeared at Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court where they were accused of kidnapping, attempting to kill her and possession of a Taser gun, they denied everything, he said he just wanted to scare Michalina. He was convicted  of attempted murder

Michalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak photoMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak photosMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak picMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak pictureMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak picsMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin Kasprzak picturesMichalina Lewandowska buried alive by  Marcin KasprzakPatryk Borys marcin Kasprzak Michelina Lewandowska buried alive

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  1. In a case like this I say we use Arab justice. An eye for an eye. But his hole should be 6 feet deep! No air holes in the box. She is the mother of your children. No matter how bad it gets, you can always get a divorce. You dont kill the woman who brought your son into this world. You are a disgrace to your family and all of Poland. Jana Pawel II would be destroyed to know a coward like you came from Poland.

  2. Ms. Lewandowska is both a beautiful and remarkable woman! Thank God she is alive and had both the brains and the spirit the stay calm enough to dig herself out of that box and makeshift grave. My heart goes out to her as no one should ever have to go through that. Again, thank God she is alive so that her son will be raised by someone who is not a monster. I am so glad she is going after that monster and his side kick friend and persecuting them. They both should be repeatedly tazed and then buried alive.

  3. Ms. Lewandowska: you are an extremely brave & resourceful (and obviously intelligent !) woman and mother. Your ordeal is unbelievably horrific and I salute you for having coped with it so well.
    I sincerely hope that the rest of your life will be devoid from any drama, since you have already experienced enough horror to last you a lifetime.
    With great admiration and LOVE from all of us here in Thailand.

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