Nadya Vulegjanina is Norway Shooter Anders Behring Breivik’s Girlfriend

Nadya Vulegjanina is Norway Shooter Anders Behring Breivik’s Girlfriend

For Nadya Vulegjanina find out that Anders Behring Breivik was the author of the bombing in Oslo and the shooting is Utoya island was devastating, not  just because nearly a hundred of people died, mostly teenagers but because Anders Breivik used to be her boyfriend.

Nadya Vulegjanina Norway shooter Anders Breivik girlfriend pictures

It took a lot of time for Nadya Vulegjanina to come out and tell media that she once was 33 year-old Anders Breivik’s girlfriend, the shame, the pain and afraid to face the faces of those who loss their loves one last July when Breivik exploded a bombing central Oslo and then killed over 60 teenagers at Utoya Island.

28 year-old Nadya Vulegjanina grew up in Belarus, she was 21 when Anders then 26 saw her profile at Ukraine Brides website, Nadya sais she was looking for a way to get away from Belarus and he was looking for the perfect wife that would give him Aryan child, he soon began to contacted her by email, until he flew to Belarus.

Nadya was impressed by his charm, politeness and how well he treated her, and soon they began dating.

“Back then he seemed very normal. He was charming, well-dressed, and compared to a lot of the men in Belarus, he knew how to treat a woman.

“He was polite, pleasant to be around and he treated me well. He was anxious to get married, and I was looking for a boyfriend to help me leave the country.”

Less than a month later  he flew her to Norway and took her to his Oslo flat, it was there that Ms. Vulegianina discover the weird side of her boyfriend,


“Not many men wear make-up! When I mentioned it he tried to brush it off, saying dark eyebrows made him look more masculine. I thought it was funny. He had no guns in his flat, but lots of alcohol — bottles of vodka which he seemed proud of because it is so expensive in Norway.

“We did normal boyfriend-girlfriend things like going for meals and walks. He was anxious to show me off to his friends

Then came trouble, and Nadya got away from him as soon as she could..

“There was no chemistry between us. I knew it was not going to work out. He might have wanted to talk about marriage but that was the last thing on my mind. I realized he just wasn’t my type. He did not respect me. He was a male chauvinist who believed a woman’s place was in the kitchen.”

She came back home and he tried to win her back with love letters and tons of emails, but she never responded any of those, Nadya Vulegianina moved to US, where she still lives today.

“It is not pleasant to be associated with someone who has committed such a horrific crime. It’s in the past — I want it to stay there.”

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