19 year-old  was one of Gaddafi’s female executioners, admitted of killing 11 rebels, today she lies handcuffed  by her feet to her hospital bed. Keep reading to know Nisreen‘s story.

Nisreen Mansour al Forgani Gaddafi’s Girl Executioner photo4

Nisreen Mansour al Forgani from Tripoli is one of the many the female executioners in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s army, Her parents divorce when she was still pretty young, her father remarry but Nisreem didn’t get along with her stepmother so she went to live with her mother, years went by and Nisreem was in college  but when her mother was diagnosed with throat cancer she decided to left college and take care of her until  she met a woman named  a friend of her mother who also happened to be the leader of Gaddafi’s Popular Guards militia (Female guards).

When Nisreen told Fatma about quitting college to take care of her mother she talked her into joining Gaddafi’s female army against her family’s will Nisreen joined the 77 Brigade base in Gaddafi’s army where thousands of girls trained intensively, Nisreen trained as a sniper.

She was told if her mother said something offensive about Gaddafi she should kill her and if she said something about Gaddafi she would be  locked in her room and be beaten repeatedly, she was also told that rebels will rape her if they found them, but Nisreen wasn’t rape by rebels but by a commander of 77 Brigade named Mansour Dau, who would give gifts to Fatma every time she gave him a girl, these girls would be waiting for him in a room in Fatma’s office where a bed was set.

Nisreen was raped by Dau, she was told not to say a word, she wouldn’t  said anything about the time when Dau’s son Ibrahim raped her he was an officer in the brigade, nor she couldn’t say anything when  Noury Saad. another commander and his relative raped her. she was not the only one all the girls at the brigade suffered that same fate.

Nisreem was locked in a room with a rifle  a female guard watching her 24/7 where hostages will be send to her to kill them if Nisreen refused she was the one to get kill…

‘The rebel prisoners were tied up and kept under a tree outside, then one by one they were brought up to the room. There were three Gaddafi volunteers with guns also in the room. They told me that if I didn’t kill the prisoners then they would kill me. Some of the prisoners looked like they had already been beaten. Others were beaten up in front of me in the room. They did not speak. I do not remember their faces … most of them were about the same age as me. I tried not to kill them … I turned and shot without looking. But if I hesitated, one of the soldiers would flick off the safety catch of his own rifle and point it at me. I killed ten, perhaps 11, over three days, I don’t know what they had done.’

She managed to scape by jumping off a second story window, she run even thought she was severely hurt until a anti-Gaddafi group found her and help her.

You can find out more about Nisreen’s story here

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