Mugshot: Oakland University Shooter One L. Goh First Picture Emerged!!!

Mugshot: Oakland University Shooter One L. Goh First Picture Emerged!!!

On April 2nd, 43 year-old One Goh opened fire at his former Oikos University in Oakland, California, his mugshot has finally been revealed, he said he did it because he was angry at Oikos administration. How to Buy Property with No Money and Bad Credit

43 year-old One  L. Goh an American citizen, Korean descent has been described as a doting son, he visited his father at a senior hosing regularly, he recently loss his mother and mother, he was previously evicted from his apartment in Virginia, he had an outstanding tax debt and didn’t speak English fluently, according to media his classmates at Oikos where he was a nursing student made fun of him, One said he was picked on, he was never treated fairly by the students

Several months ago One Goh was expelled from Oikos for poor behavior, anger managements issues but nothing specific was given when ask to the administration, it was against that administration that One L. Goh had all that anger, on the fatal day of the shooting at Oikos he was looking for someone specific, a woman from the administration, when he couldn’t find her, he turn his anger to the students.

It is believed he fire a 30 round of shot, killing seven 6 woman and a man, injuring 2, One Goh was arrested at a market in Alameda after he surrender, showing no remorse at all.

At the moment of the shooting Goh took a secretary inside a classroom, and line up the student inside, he began shooting the secretary and then the students, left and shoot a series of shots at the other classrooms, he finally left the university  by t the backdoor, stole a car and drove 5 miles away from the scene.

During the interrogation with police he was very cooperative, calm, didn’t offer any resist, gave good details, no remorse. He was was charged with seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping, On Monday One L. Goh will make his first appearance in Alameda County Superior Court

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