Peter John Lanza is Adam Lanza’s Father

Peter John Lanza is Adam Lanza’s Father

Peter J. Lanza was informed of his youngest son Adam Lanza’s involvement in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by a new reporter. Adam killed his mother with her own gun before he went to his mother;s school and killed four teachers and 20 innocent children before turning the gun on himself.

peter Lanza adam lanza sandy hook elementary shooting

There are no words to describe the pain these parents are feeling right now 20 families lost their beloved children, plus four families mourned their daughters, mothers, sister and beloved teachers who have been described as heroes, when they sacrificed themselves to save the lives of the children.

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Peter Lanza the father of this sick man found out his son was the author of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary by a reporter who intercepted him on the street to ask him about it, he didn’t know what that reporter was talking about until he heard the news and found out the child he once carried in his arms, was the same man who ripped the lives of so many children.

Adam Peter Lanza bio

54-year-old Peter John Lanza was born to Peter S. Lanza and Elodia (Wilkinson) Lanza, he has two brothers Michael and Mark Lanza. Peter Lanza got his B.S in accounting from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and a M.S in Taxation from Bentley University.

Peter John Lanza Adam Lanza father

From 1989 until 1993 he was a vice-president in the tax department at Paine Webber Properties, from 193 to 1998 became senior tax manager at Ernst& Young then inn 1998 arrived at General Electric as Tax Leader – Partnerships, JVs and REITs and after he left in 2011 was named tax director and VP- Taxes at GE Energy Financial Services.

Nancy Champion Lanza Adam Lanza motherRyan Lanza Adam Lanza brother photoPeter Lanza son Adam Lanza

Peter Lanza got married to Nancy champion on June 6, 1981, in Kingston, N.H. their first son Ryan was born in 1987 and then on April 22, 1992 they welcomed their youngest son Adam Peter Lanza Peter and Nancy got divorced in 2008, he agreed  to give Nancy annual alimony payments that started at $240,000 and would have reached $298,800 in 2015.

Peter Lanza houseShelley Cudiner Peter Lanza wife

Peter Lanza then got married to 51-year-old Shelley Cudiner who holds  Bachelor of Arts in French Education from SUNY New Paltz. Master’s of Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University, and since 1994 has been the business librarian at UConn Stamford. They live in Bartina Lane in Stamford, CT.


  1. Peter Lanza is just as responsible for what his son Adam did. He put his own selfish needs ahead of his son Adam’s. Instead of divorcing his wife, he should have made an effort to work things out.

  2. What a screwed up family, the Lanza’s were/are. I have No sympathy for the Lanza’s, sorry but NONE. Peter Lanza is a bright man and must have known his son was a complete and utter nutter psycho and choose to walk away and hope it (Adam’s) problems would go away, same as the brother did. As for the mother, gun mad, she was as crazy as the son! Killing innocent kids, sick sick sick, this is the worst of the worst crime, they stood no chance, poor little angels.

    American government for God’s sake wake up… will you do something about your disgraceful gun ‘laws’! NRA – get rid of it, gun loving selfish morons! How many more innocent people have to die, you people with your obsession with guns are pathetic. Authorities are the only people who should have guns then you wouldn’t need them to ‘protect your home’ because no one excect the police and authorities would be allowed them, take a look at your gun crime rate compared to other countries, it’s not rocket science, get rid of the guns and frankly voilent video games should be gone too, why are they needed..simple..they’re not.

    God bless those little angels, he will now protect them in heaven for eternity and as for Adam Lanza, I don’t care about the excuses of him having personality problems… may he rot in hell!

    My heart goes out to the families of the victims, you are all in my prayers, God bless you.

  3. Adam was 16 when his parents divorced. Just the time in a young mans life when he needs his father and he wasn’t there. The problem in this country is broken homes. Women cannot raise children on their own. Male guidance is essential.

  4. Could PAS be involved here? If anyone finds signs of it please let me know.

  5. Louise hits the nail on the head basically. As an armchair quarterback, I think the father, Peter, left when the mother, Nancy, refused to consider institutionalizing Adam. Nancy had abandoned public school education and had home-schooled Adam because she did not want Adam stigmatized as mentally ill by the school system. From an early age, both parents surely knew that Adam was mentally ill. After five years of single parenting struggling, Adam became too much for Nancy’s now single lifestyle – and she told Adam that she was exploring outside help for him. The household guns do not support any scenario. Was Nancy dating a hunter or sports enthusiast? If so, he’ll never step forward. Was she that stupid to believe that a mentally ill 20-year old would not seize these guns? This is a clear case of parents attempting to treat a mentally ill child without professional intervention, a non-custodial father providing extraordinary alimony and living arrangements to an ex-wife whose goal is to continue to self-treat their son at home, and that parent, Nancy, realizing that she is fighting a losing battle after all and wishes to resume a normal lifestyle without the mentally ill son. These parents were ill-advised at the outset when they did not institutionalize Adam. Whatever syndrome Adam suffered from eventually manifested into a massacre at his old grade school. Since Adam killed himself and Nancy, I’m sure Peter will maintain a code of silence to protect his own frustration leading to divorce in the first place and to protect the privacy of his new marriage and remaining son, Ryan, a college graduate and wage earner. No winners here.

  6. @Louise: You’re just as misguided as the kid that did those horrible things to those kids. Why don’t you check the stats on people killed by DWI drivers. It’s interesting when people try to place the blame on an organization like the NRA–an organization that tries to promote firearm ownership rights as well as marksmanship, firearm safety, and the protection of hunting and self-defense in the United States. I don’t agree with some of their ideas, but it’s interesting to see when individuals/society try to find a scapegoat.

  7. You are right on! Peter Lanza knew there was trouble at 36 Yogalanda St.
    I wonder how often Peter took Adam out and spent time with him?

  8. it’s really the company who employs the fathers fault, they should have known he had a crazy son, they should have fired him! instead they paid him allowing him to pay alimony basically meaning “he” paid for those evil guns! and that evil company who employs him! it’s all their fault! wake up government! ban companies! ban alimony payments! ban fathers! do this now before anyone else gets hurt

  9. Obviously you have NEVER lived with an Autistic child. Don’t make comments unless you live day in and day out with an Aspergers child. I had to live with locking up Knives, Scissors, Forks, Tweezers. Take the knobs of the stove so the child doesn’t burn the house down. Lock the bedroom door because of fear of being attacked while sleeping. Tired of getting the pet cat out of the microwave or refrigerator. Yes it’s true. Having to stop the child from burning the cats whiskers off. Or trying to restain the autistic child from hurting the mother and the aspergers kid tells his teacher the next day, you hurt him and Children and Youth come with the police. The kid try to smother his mother and the mom bites the kid’s finger who has his hand over her mouth and the kid then runs to grandma’s and calls 911 on the mom for biting him and police come. Having to put up with the kid urinating in two liter soda bottles and storing in his room while refusing to go to school. That’s SICK. Kids get spray paint and spray paint graffitti on the living room walls about always being watched. Taking the kid to school and the kid refuses to get out of the car even when the principal is trying to talk to the kid for 15 minutes to get out of the car. Counselers, TSS workers, Mobile Therapists, provide 20 to 30 hours of assistance each week for years and years and this stuff still happens. The counselors don’t get any results. These kids are a menace to society. There are thousands of these kids. It has nothing to with the father trying to work it out with the spouse. You DONT UNDERSTAND how you have to live in fear with these kids because they do not accept consequences from adults and they get the adults in trouble with the police because the police thnk these kids are innocents and the parents are harrassing the kid. While in fact the kids has assaulted and harrassed the adults his whole life. A daily struggle. Mrs. Lanza did the best she could. Mr Lanza did what he could. You can’t live in fear everyday.

  10. It makes me sick to my stomach when I read comments like Glenn’s, thinking that there are so many people that think like him out there, and one of them was Nancy Lanza. It’s a disgrace in front of the entire world to see how primitive our nation is in that regard. So obsessed over 2nd amendment to the point that it surpasses the regard for human life.

  11. It’s too soon to tell, but Nancy Lanza sounds as unstable as her kid. I think she needed as much help as him. The father and oldest son underestimated them. They walked away. You don’t allow an unstable relative to keep guns in your house!

    As a once victim of a schizophrenic woman who was neglected by her family, I’m always the first to stand up against stigmatization of mentally ill people, but I never underestimate them. I had to sue my attacker’s family, and it logically proceeded, as she was a threat to society.

  12. Eileen is correct, the so called father walked away from the work.

    Ed, you are all screwed up. Asperger’s does not equal violence. In fact, your ranting is missing one very important fact: the constant success of the father in the business world is a sign of HIS having Asperger’s! And, an Asperger’s adult cannot cope with the needs of an Asperger’s child. Nancy was left holding all. If only Nancy could have found the right male, the right real MAN role model for Adam, or had more family around helping her, which would have helped Adam.

    My God, in such a short time Peter divorced and remarried and brought another person into a scene he did not support – another sign of Asperger’s syndrome in the father.

  13. disgraceful gun laws? Connecticut has some of the strictist gun laws in the nation. in fact, you havnt been able to purchase or possess the type of weapon that Adam Lanza used in this disgusting, satanic act since Oct 1, 1993. Anders Breivik killed 77, 69 of them students, in Norway last year. Norway has the gun laws that everyone here is screaming for. it didnt stop him, criminals dont obey laws. Lanza wanted a death toll, and he was going to get it. with or without a gun. Oklahoma City, 9/11, Jonestown, all hideous acts of violence, each with a death toll well past all recent shootings combined. all comitted without a gun. outlaw fertilizer, box cutters, and…..Kool Aid? logical. you are barking up the wrong tree. how about look at SSRI’s? anti depressants. its the one thing that the shooters at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook had in common. im not saying here that everyone should be able to strut around with a machine gun. im saying that you cant take away law abiding citizens Defense, because you are afraid of some nut-jobs offense. 911 didnt save anyone at Sandy Hook. but if there had been an armed guard? they have them at airports. force IS a deterrent. we practice it all over the planet. schools are selected because they are soft targets. its time we change that. and stop over medicating our children.

  14. My goodness, but aren’t we all adept at analyzing the root of the problem here. Divorce. High-paying jobs. Neglect. Indifference.

    Frankly, none of us knows what caused this young man to snap. Your conjectures, based exclusively, it seems, on your personal feelings, have little to no reliance on established facts at this point.

    Let’s preserve the rush to judgment about what this family did or did not do until we know what the facts are. Mental illness, but its very nature, is unpredictable. It’s pretty safe to assume that the family did not foresee this happening. If they had, the mother would not have lost her life to her own son.

    Let’s leave the psychoanalysis to the professionals, shall we?

  15. Ok Ok Everyone here writing negative comments judging the Lanza family GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES!!!!!! I guess you would see what you want to see. The angry sit in a dark room these days, writing negative horrific comments on their computers really its a reflection upon yourself. Is your integrity out? Take a look at your own life.
    I know the Lanza family. They are a loving, caring, compassionate, family who like everyone else does the best they can.
    I wouldn’t say a word until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes. We don’t know what happened.
    We should be focused on helping the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.

    We need to be kinder and more compassionate to each other. And love each other a little bit more. My heart goes out to the families and friends of Sandy Hook elementary. And my heart goes out to my friends Shelley and Peter. I wish I could talk with them and tell them I love them and miss them very much.
    Once again the proof is in the pudding……

    Peter Lanza’s full statement appears below, as reported by the Associated Press:

    “Our hearts go out to the families and friends who lost loved ones and to all those who were injured. Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. No words can truly express how heartbroken we are. We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We too are asking why. We have cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so. Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired.”

    Peter Lanza had absolutely no foreknowledge of his son’s attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to Gothamist. Peter Lanza learned of his son’s mass shooting only after being confronted by a reporter outside his home on Friday afternoon.

  16. the constant sucess of the father in the business world is a sign of HIS having aspergers????????? did you really just say that????? i have nothing.

  17. did marijuana go away when it was made illegal? or can u get it just about anywhere which is exactly what would happen if guns were illegal. if u want to blame someone other than the piece of scum who did this (who was a legal adult so u cant really blame the father even if he gets first prize for being the worst dead beat dad award in the world and is just really a scum bag his kid was way over age 18 he cant be held liable) blame the guys mother. stop showing pictures of her with the other victims,. she doesnt deserve to be counted with them. a gun owner is responsible for securing his/her weapons, i dont think we are going to find out she had them in a 1 inch thick steel safe and he cut into it with a torch and stole the guns and all that ammo. blame her for having them carelessly within reach and also because she had to have known he was mentallly unstable she exposed him to them. she obviously got what she deserved. if you want to blame anyone else you can always blame the insurance co that if adam lanza had been to five different psychiatrists who recommended he have hospitalization and said he was a threat to society you can bet without a written plan of action from adam before he did this the ins co would refuse to pay for treatment. refuse to pay for hospitalization, and would say there was nothiing wrong with him and refuse to pay for medication or further assessment. that you can believe.

  18. Peter is at fault. It was Peter and Nancy’s responsibility to protect their child (regardless of age) and provide him with the support that he required both physically and emotionally. The father has. GREAT job with outstanding benefits, so there is no reason why he should not have guaranteed help for his son. Peter ignored his son and now 26 people paid the price with their lives. It is an absolute disgrace that a man with such unlimited resources did NOTHING to ensure his son’s mental health. He should be ashamed! BABIES were slaughtered and Peter and Nancy allowed a lunatic to have access to weapons. Nancy was as crazy as her son! I do NOT feel sorry for Peter nor Nancy. They FAILED as parents! It is BEYOND disgusting!!!!

  19. The tragedy is that Nancy had been a gun owner who did not secure her guns. If a person plans to do a crime, he/she can get a gun. To commit a child, in this case an adult, to a mental institution, was not done. This adult, if knowingly would not admit he had a problem and done the “sane” thing to get lifelong treatment, is a mute point at this point. State programs have been cut, that used to put people onto to SSI, so that they would get medicaid, and medical treatment. Again, they have to follow through on the assessment of their condition, and then on treatment. If the General Assistance X, program, as Washington State had, were available to him or her, at least that would be a program to get a person on until they could get SSI. Since the Reagan years, lots of these mental health programs have been cut and mental hospital have also suffered cuts and loss of employees as well. Then they are turned out on the street, and into society, often without any family to help them. If you had a child who was a menace and is now an adult, where would you take him or her if they were even willing to go? Since this family had very lucrative support from the ex-husband, a State Public Assistance Program, would not have been needed. This 22 year old adult was angry and acted on it, violent and acted on it, and just like the soldiers with mental health issues that the military gives dishonorable discharges to or medical discharges to, society pays for it in a significant way. Don’t forget Malmud and the Washington D.C. sniper. Timothy McVeigh, and others. A religious fanatic with a gun, an angry divorced financially strapped ex-husband or wife with a gun, We, as parents, do need to teach our children how to deal with depression, anger, failure, jealousy, and other human emotions. We also need to not support programs on television and in theaters that portray corrupt values, Gone are the days of Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, the Donna Reed Show, and Leave it to Beaver. There are some good family shows on television such as the Middle, and Modern Familly. As least they show cohesiveness and compassion, and growth and an ability to work on family problems together and sometimes with humor. Also, if a schizophrenic does not take their medications, then who can force them. That is why institutions are necessary, We cannot police adult behaviors or morality in a free society like ours. Parents can police their TV programs but again that does not take in what they get exposed to at school or on the playground or going to and from school. Mental Health needs as much funding as the fight to ban assault weapons. Don’t forget to be a spiritual, rational, compassionate voter and person.

  20. You know Absolutely nothing about the Father. Your comment is moronic.

  21. I just don’t understand why Nancy Lanza didn’t get her son some help, mental health is something you can’t fool around with. I have had mental health problems for years and that is why my husband always said no guns!!! Even though he had always wanted one. I have been under care and doing great, I do have my days but I don’t want to hurt or kill anyone but one never knows.

  22. To Ed…I have a son who has Aspergers. He is 14 and I know what it is like to live with an Autistic child and I can tell you I have been through some of the things that you described here but Adam Lanza’s father in my opinion took the easy way out if what they say is true that he was estranged from his son. IMO, you can always walk away from the problem but the problem never goes away. He should have been a father to his son no matter what instead of leaving it up to the mom. She probably felt totally alone and I can speak with experience that as soon as a guy finds out that a woman has an autistic child, they run the other way. Her ex husband did indeed take the easy way out. He walked away and never looked back. HIs son was 6 years old at the time and that is about the time when a child is diagnosed to be autistic.

    I never want to hear someone like you say that autistic children are a menace to society because Adam Lanza does not speak for all of the autistic children of the world so don’t ever say that again. We love our children no matter what and it sounds to me like you would do the same thing that Peter Lanza did from the way you are talking.

    You and society needs to get better educated about Autism.

  23. Wow, Can you fit anymore gossip queens on this thread?

    It’s amazing this tragedy even occurred considering so many people here who know it all! You know why this happened, you know how it could have been prevented, how the father should have behaved, how the mother should have behaved….with all this knowledge maybe some of you people need to start a non-profit and share your expertise with the world so there will never be a crime like this again!

    What a bunch of judgMental Monday morning quarterback gossipers with too much time on your hands.

  24. John, I also support you. Children need their parents’ support. Parents should stick to each other especially in the moments of crisis and for bringing up children like Adam.

  25. Interesting threads. I sure don’t know why people do such things. I do believe it is evil. I know the father must think about his mistakes everyday in raising or not being able to raise his son due to not being in a married relationship with his X anymore . I know a lot of fathers in the same situation. Including me. I believe we can learn from this tragedy and not let our mistakes ruin our lives and have to look back and use the saddest words in the English language, “If only I had”” If only I had raised my son and taken time with him and loved him and was part of his world and trained him right in the right way that he should go. I am making plans to be closer to my son to be more of a part of his life after not being close to him for a few years . He also is a teen now and his mom is asking me to help more in raising him. I love him, so this is my goal and commitment . I hope you Dads out there, real fathers, also learn from others mistake and don’t let this happen with your kids. God’s gift is God’s work. Let’s be proud of our kids and hope they go on in their lives to do better things than us.

  26. While we’re blaming others; you Eileen are responsible for what Adam did. Idget!

  27. Looks like the PBS “Frontline” show this evening, 2/19/13, promulgated a believable scenario: naive, protective mother equipped with $20,000 monthly child support and stately home from re-married ex-husband makes hopeless attempt to treat insane, schizophrenic 20-year-old son at home without professional intervention and gets murdered after son discovers her plans to institutionalize him in Washington State after obtaining guardianship. He returned to his grade school where he was diagnosed as mentally ill and continued his murdering spree. This opinion piece comes from a compilation of anecdotal guesses from casual friends and unbiased professionals compiled by a team of investigative reporters from the “Hartford Courant.”

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