PHOTOS: Marc Corn- Anorexic Man

PHOTOS: Marc Corn- Anorexic Man

Meet Marc Corn he is one of the few man who suffered from an eating disorder, Marc only eats soft food, because he is afraid of chocking, it all started after he was bullied at high school. Marc who suffered from Anorexia is also known  as  Manorexic

Marc Corn anorexic man photos

Back when Marc Corn from Basildon, Essex, weighted 238 lbs. when he was in high school and was called fat by his class mates, now at age 23 Marc weights 110 lbs.

‘When I was 14 I weighed 17 stone and was tormented by bullies who called me fat. I was teased and called fatty at school. I felt so ashamed that I became obsessed with losing weight.

“I used to eat in my room but was consuming less and less. I used hold my arms under a hot lamp hoping it would make me lose more weight.”

‘I got incredibly skinny, you could see all my bones jutting out. But I preferred looking like that to feeling fat. At my skinniest I weighed less than 7 stone. I barely ate anything. But with the help of my family I’m on the road to recovery.

Marc who also suffers from cerebral palsy only eats chocolate pudding, custard, hot beverages and shakes, His parents Janice 50 and Daniel 59, said..

We would like to see him put on weight and I like him to eat at the table with the family again.He used to eating anything and everything but suddenly stopped after being bullied. It’s a long road to recovery but we’re proud that he had recognized his illness.’

Marc who is a Filmmaker, Director, Editor, Sound Recordist, Animation / Graphics, Writer, Organisation said he said is a simple person with a passion for Music, Art and Film Making. Also said

I have a disability which I will never allow it to get the better of me. I also will not let anyone hate on me because of my disability.

“I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but I really am scared of eating solid food. I loved food. If somebody left something on their plate I would eat it.

“I loved chips and kebabs. I used to wake up at 5am and eats tons of chocolate bars that were in the cupboards. I still don’t like to eat in front of anyone but at least I am not starving myself.

“I won’t eat anything during the day and I sleep at lot because my cerebral palsy causes me pain. At 10pm I will eat something in my room, then have more at about 4am.”


Below you’ll find pics of Marc Corn as well as some of his  videos, including one about eating disorders.

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  1. Hello Marc ..

    I’m looking at a story around male eating disorders – and was wondering if we could have a chat – and also find out if you would be interested in doing an interview.

    If you could email a contact number / or call me on (m) 07802 469 675. ASAP.

    Many thanks

  2. Hey, thanks for everyone’s concerns. I am still alive and I am doing much better, but of course still with some fears.

    Stay Safe and Take Care.

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