Real Reasons why Lindsay Lohan Avi Snow Split

Lindsay Lohan, the 26 year old Hollywood actress who has a knack of being in the news for all the wrong reasons, has a new name added to her list of ex boyfriends. Yes, the news is confirmed that the fiery actress has split with her latest boyfriend of a few weeks. It looks like only the other day when an excited Avi Snow told media that LiLo was awesome and a lot of fun. The City of the Sun guitarist Avi even claimed Lindsay Lohan to be the biggest fan of his band.

The reasons for the split between the rocker and the crazy actress are not clear at the moment as both have chosen to keep157167369 mum. However, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that the two lovebirds (erstwhile) are not seeing each other after the return of LiLo from a vacation in Brazil. In fact, Lindsay made sure she earned a lot of money even from this vacation as she was there to inaugurate a new line of clothing. Sources close to the friends of the couple have confirmed that the whirlwind romance between the two is more or less over. Did I hear someone say that LiLo has chucked a musician only to pick up other musicians as she is single now and scheduled to attend Coachella festival later this year?

lindsay-lohan-break-up__oPtIt seems that the super short dating session between Lindsay Lohan and Avi Snow was more camera friendly than having some substance. It looks like the band needed a bit of publicity as LiLo was seen cheering her man in gigs and concerts behaving a like a crazy young girl. The timing of the split between the actress and the rocker seems to be perfect as Lindsay Lohan is ready to serve her rehab ordered by the court because of her rubbing shoulders with the law in the wrong manner.

Lindsay Lohan’s brief Brazil trip was not without the usual drama as she was seen hiding under the table of a eating jointrs_300x300-130403071518-300.lindsaylohan.jc.brazil.4213 though she herself posed in front of the camera at the function that was organized to mark the event of launching of a new line of clothing. The couple was last seen hugging each other in Brazil and Avi even praised LiLo after his return from Brazil. But once Avi left LiLo and went to New York and from there to join his band mates in Los Angeles, there has been nothing between the couple to suggest of any romance. Love has certainly fizzled out from the relationship and both the lovebirds have set on with their agendas.

Talking of LiLo, this beautiful 26 year old actress is all ready to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman and then head off to California to take part in the music festival called Coachella. She then has to take part in the premier of her upcoming Scary Movie 5 and finally complete her rehab.