Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto was one of the kindest agents some said, he was respected and hard worker, he was also a married man to Ruth Pomerance with a son and a  dirty secret, he was having an affair with a woman from Mexico,  the revelation of his affair took lead him to kill himself.

Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto Mexican  affair

Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto was the 47-year-old man found dead inside his car with the engine running in Washington, a terrible loss but also mysterious.

Agent Prieto was not in good terms with his wife Ruth Pomerance. he  spared his time between New York and Washington, he has a teenage son and had been having an affair with a Mexican woman for a couple of years. It was in his duty to inform the agency about his relationship with this Mexican mistress,  just to be sure she was not a National security threat, he never did and  the relationship was revealed early this year, big mistake but not a crime, why would he kill himself?

So many questions, was secret agent Prieto hiding something else? Did he and wife Ruth were working on their relationship and the affair ruined their chance? terminally ill? depressed? victim of an extortion?What happened? and a very important one who is Prieto Mexican affair? Would she be getting a visit from the Secret Service about her affair with Prieto? What does she knows about his motives? would we be knowing her name anytime soon?

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