A young woman was threatened before she jumped top her death from a 14 story balcony at the Bronx, her name was Sienna Edwards, why did she go there? who threatened her?

sienna edwards bronx woman jumped off balcony picture

20 year-old Sienna Edwards made her boyfriend’s cousin a favor by going to his baby mama 23 year-old Kenya Edmonds apartment in the Bronx, Carl Purcell asked Sienna to delivered his three year-old daughter  some gift because there was a protection order against  him.

But Sienna never got  out of the apartment alive, she made a 911 call shortly after 9:00 p.m, her voice was never heard by the dispatcher but another threatening voice was audible in the background..

“In the background there are voices that say, ‘You’re not going to leave here alive, you’re not going to leave here alive,’”

Sienna Edwards managed to called her boyfriend Timothy Smith too, she asked him for help, and he rushed to her  side, but sadly by the time he arrived her lifeless body laid on the pavement..

“When she called me, she said they had a knife to her neck, I called her back 50 times, but I never heard back from her.”

Timothy added that Sienna’s death was the case of an mistaken identity after Edmonds thought Sienna was Purcell’s girlfriend. Investigators arrived at the crime scene and said Sienna died to her injuries, they also arrested Kenya Edmonds she was charged with 2nd-degree murder and 1st-degree manslaughter

This is a probable pic of Kenya Edmonds, let us know if we are mistaken

Sienna Stoney Edwards, from the Bronx, New York was only 20 years-old, we are sadden by this tragic news, our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends throughout this terrible time.

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