Was Charles Bebe Rebozo Richard Nixon Gay Affair?

Was Charles Bebe Rebozo Richard Nixon Gay Affair?

A book written by Don Fulsom a former Washington reporter  tells in his book “Nixon’s Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America’s Most Troubled President” released next month that former President Nixon, didn’t just had a drinking problem, had links with the mafia, beat him wife Pat but also may have been having a gay affair with his close friend Charles Bebe Robozo.

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richar nixon book nixon darkest secretsIn this book, Don Fulson tells Nixon’s most dark secrets, some that we already heard about and some others that only people close to Nixon knew or suspected, chief officials, White House insiders, FBI agents.

Revelations about Nixon’s marital life with his wife Pat, with whom he didn’t even slept with, not even in the same room, Nixon would go on trip without her, but not without Bebe Rebozo, who had his own Air Force One jacket with  his name on, at the white house he head his own room and office plus  he could go all over the White House without  being logged by security service. Folson also tell  the story told by a former Time magazine reporter who saw Nixon and Rebozo under  the table when he bend down to pick up a fork at a  Washington Dinner. Although nobody can really confirm that Nixon was gay of that he had a gay affair with Folson, but the stories told by these people are very intriguing.

Charles Gregory Rebozo  got the nickname Bebe, that means baby in Spanish from his family, he was  born on November 17th, 1912 in Tampa, Florida to Cuban parents Carmen and Matias Rebozo, Charles was the youngest of his eight siblings.

In the 60’s he funded Key Biscayne Bank & Trust, in Key Biscayne, it was rumored that he had an affair with a guy named Donald Gunn, but in 1931 he married Gunn’s teenage sister Claire Gunn when they were 18, an annulment was issued three years later they remarried in 1946, they divorced four years later and Claire said the marriage was never consummated. In Florida was rumored that Bebe Robozo was part of Miami’s gay community.

He met Nixon in 1950 when he won one of California’s U.S senate, fellow senator Senator George Smathers told Rebozo to take Nixon on a trip on his 33ft fishing boat, ping Nixon would relax a bit, but they hardly spoke to one another, Nixon worked during the trip and Rebozo said he never wanted to see Nixon again. However they saw each other again and became inseparable  until the day Nixon died, Rebozo was by his bedside and when Rebozo died in May 8, 1998 at the Baptist Hospital for complications caused by a brain aneurysm. Bebe Rebozo left over $12m to the Richard Nixon library Where Nixon rest was laid next to his wife Pat. Nixon died 4 years earlier after a blood clot from his upper heart broke, went up to his brain and caused severe brain damage, he was taken to the hospital,  unable to speak, move his right limbs and ultimately felt into a coma

Bebe Rebozo remarried Jane Lucke  the secretary at his lawyer’s office,  she once said Rebozo loved Nixon, His cat and then her. Bebe Rebozo was under investigation by the Watergate committee, who found out that a large sum of money Howard Hudges gave to the Republican party was actually in Rebozo’ deposit box.

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