WATCH: Google Goggles Virtual Reality Glasses Are here!!

Imagine a technology that would allow us to display the glass wearing glasses that we see many additional facilities, while we approach and manage them with voice commands. Sounds great, right? Well, Google has just such a vision of future technologies. After so much speculation about the mysterious Google glass, we  finally are able to see the results of Project Glass secret technology.


The Google glasses uses Android are voice-controlled, and offer GPS directions as well as email and video chat through a built-in screen directly in front of a user’s eyes.

They also uses Google’s latitude system helping users to locate each other, they can also record and share videos from a built-in camera. They also ran other recognizable parts of Google’s mobile OS. While we are  now seeing a prototype of the Google glasses it is believed that the real glasses with  be attached to people’s existing glasses.

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