WATCH: Shellie Zimmerman- Trayton Martin Killer George Zimmerman’s Wife

WATCH: Shellie Zimmerman- Trayton Martin Killer George  Zimmerman’s Wife

Meet Shellie Zimmerman she will talked publicly for the first time during her husband George Zimmerman’s trial. He is being charged with second degree murder of Trayton Martin

Shellie Zimmerman George Zimmerman wife pic

The tragic death of 17 year-old Trayton Martin, the young son of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin who was fatally on February 26th. by  Shellie Zimmerman’s husband George. He was charged with second degree murder, at his trial, Zimmerman  took the stand and for the first time and he apologized to Trayton’s parents, this is the first time they have been together in the same room.

“I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. I did not know if he was armed or not,”

Also for the first time testifying was George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie Zimmerman over the phone, who said that she has not been with her husband since he is been in hiding, Shellie added that she has received hate mail and fears for her life. When she was asked is she believed her husband was a threat due to his 2005 legal entanglements linked to separate assault incidents involving a police officer and Zimmerman’s former fiancée Veronica Zuazo, she said he was not a violent person. The judge Kenneth Lester set bail at $150,000.

“I have not been with my husband since he has been in hiding, “No, I do not, there’s no concern whatsoever”.

“Yes, he has informed me of those charges,”

“Did he tell you it was just an misunderstanding or an accident?” the prosecutor asked Shellie Zimmerman. (about the 2005 violence assaults).

“No, he didn’t say it was an accident,” Zimmerman’s wife replied.

“So, he admitted that he had struck a police officer when the police officer told him to abide by his commands?” De La Rionda pressed.

“The police officer did not identify himself,” Shellie Zimmerman insisted.

“You would agree that shows prior violence on the part of Mr. Zimmerman, your husband?” De La Rionda wondered.

“No, I don’t,” Shellie Zimmerman answered.

“He’s not a violent person, nor is he a threat to the community. He is absolutely not a violent person,”

A little bio on 25 year-old Shellie Zimmerman, she is certified cosmetologist, now a nursing student Shellie will graduate from Nursing school in four weeks, She has been married to Zimmerman for five years.

Shellie Zimmerman’s pics below (click to enlarge)

George Zimmerman wife Shellie Zimmerman picShellie Zimmerman George Zimmerman wifeGeorge Zimmerman wife Shellie Zimmerman picsGeorge Zimmerman wife Shellie Zimmerman picturesGeorge Zimmerman wife Shellie Zimmerman pictureGeorge-Zimmerman-Head-Injury

Listen to Shellie Zimmerman’s testimony in the video below.


***UPDATE*** Shellie Zimmerman was arrested after had lied to the judge about their finances, when they said they had no money to pay for George’s bond. She is currently in jail.

Photo credit: The Daily Caller.


  1. Like your mom.

  2. I think that is terrible that Shellie receives hate mail, she wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. I feel bad for her because she is an innocent person in this tragedy.

  3. Shelly is a good jewish girl

  4. What we know about Shellie is that she stayed married to George. And that says a lot.

    To the average sensible woman ,if a man says to her in “my past I threw a woman across the room, and I hit a police officer.”………………uh, that would be a major dealbreaker……………………

    So…………….. Shellie, if he is not violent, what is he? Mentally unbalanced?

  5. George said that Trayvon was in his late teens on the 911 call, and in the court room says to the parents, I did not know he was a little bit younger than me……………..hmm…………..was he just kissing up to the parents.?

  6. It isn’t a tragedy. Shooting someone in self defense who attacks you is JUSTICE, not a tragedy. Martin got exactly what he deserved. No more. No less. Nothing tragic about it.

  7. Pushing a cops hands off of you isn’t “striking a police officer”, the cops drum up those charges to keep people in line and everyone knows it.

    And women are more violent in relationships than men, because the vast majority of men practice forebearance (look it up). Not to mention lie, lie and lie some more.

    Shellie is obviously more intelligent and realistic than you.

  8. Zimmerman had NO right to follow Trayvon PERIOD. Race, politics and bigotry aside. If Zimmerman was attacked he brought it upon himself. 911 told him repeatedly not to pursue and he did anyway and what came of it NOTHING! I don’t think Zimmerman originally pursued Trayvon with the purpose of shooting him, which makes this situation all the more unfortunate. He had a choice and he chose to pursue an unarmed teenager. Black, white, blue or purple, hooded or unhooded where is the respect for human life? We are so caught up in stereotyping and racial profiling we have lost basic respect for human life? I hope no one kills me for jogging in my hoodie.

  9. I didn’t you knew all women on earth and their disposition.

  10. That is funny. It looks like they all soikled the wagons on this from that night. Well she has perjured herself by lying under oath to the Judge, and should be finding those charges by Monday when George sees his Judge again, or when ever that takes place. How many ‘lie’ strikes does a nice jewish boy get before they say enough? So far there are three solid lies, many more to be exposed.

    They are over the top, claiming poverty with over $150,000 sitting in her credit union account. Where have I heard that before…

    The Police wanted to make the arrest that night, but whew was it that let him go? Wolfinger?
    “Police chief Bill Lee backed the decision by Norm Wolfinger’s state prosecutor office not to press charges. ”

    Not only did they (GZ and his wife, while under oath) lie about financial resources, but get this, “Zimmerman granted bail after wife claims no ‘prior violence’”. No he never fought with a POLICE OFFICER, two lies, do I hear a third LIE from the Zimmerman klan? Yes, lie about the passport, he has two but he’ll only give the Courts one of them.

    When out on bail there is a flight risk reason the Court wants to hold your passport.

  11. Why do they use that photo of Zimmermann with his eyes closed? He was not reacting to something they caught him mid blink…. the media is so low class it’s laughable.

  12. GZ has placed himself in deep doo-doo. Now his wife is joining him! Wonder if the authorities will place them in side-by-side cells?!!

    Lies, lies, lies!!!

    #1: “It was strictly self defense even though I stalked him and he thought I was a child molester, Officer”
    #2: “We’re poor and near penniless, your Honor” (Excluding the $135K in that sweet online account!!)
    #3: “I didn’t know he was a MINOR CHILD! Thought he was nearly my age!”
    #4: “What violent past? Tussling with police and beating a woman don’t count because no one died!”

    Defending that character in court will take more than the patience of the saints!

  13. And last but not least . . .

    #5: “Here is my passport, you Honor.” (I know you want to have it to prevent flight risks out of the USA, but if you don’t mind, I’ll just hold onto the OTHER one that is still valid for my own insurance!”

  14. I finally found the time to listen to her testimony. I was hoping to hear her telling the Court that she and her hubby of less than five years were broke. That is what will get her time behind bars with a record, or a suspended sentence with a record, for perjury under oath.

    As Sean Penn said in a movie role, “you don’t let them off now so the next time they really do something bad they will not be let off easy as a first time offender.” She will have her record and live it too.

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