Who is Sabu Hector Xavier Monsegur girlfriend?

Who is Sabu Hector Xavier Monsegur girlfriend?

Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu was the leader of LulzSec, he is also the FBI mole that contribute with the arrest of 5 Anonymous hackers, many described Hector Xavier Monsegur as very smart but lazy, he could have been a millionaire but instead he live poorly in his New York apartment with his two children and girlfriend, but who is Sabu’s girlfriend? Any pic?

Sabu Hector Xavier Monsegur  girlfriend

Born to Puerto Rican parent 28 year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu aka Xavie DeLion aka Lion  the son of 40 year-old Hector Monsegur  was arrested last June, he was the founder of Lulz Security (LulzSec) an elite hacking group he created on May, 2011.

Monsegur’s LulzSec were responsible for the hacking attacks on PBS, Sony, Visa, Nintendo, Fox.com, Pron.com (a porn site), Bethesda Game Studios network,  InfraGard, United States Senate, Government Of Portugal, CIA, to name a few. The identity of Sabu was revealed last November after The Jester vowed to revealed his identity as an act of patriotism.

Anonymous reacted to Monsegur arrest and ultimate betrayal against them, they acknowledged that the FBI were menacing him to take his son away from him, but they were also his family they said.

“Yeah yeah, we know, Sabu snitched on us. As usually happens FBI menaced him to take his sons away. We understand, but we were your family too. (Remember what you liked to say?)… It’s sad and we can’t imagine how it feels having to look at the mirror each morning and see there the guy who shopped their friends to police.”

Read the Legal Documents Hector Xavier Monsegur on arrest here

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Mosegur lived at his grandmother’s  apartment in Jacob Riis Houses located on 90 Avenue D, in NY’s Lower East side, with whom he was very close with, it was there that he worked and reside with his two sons and girlfriend (not the mother of the children), Monsegur studied at Stuyvesant High School graduated in 2001, never went to college. His mother died on May, 2010. His father and aunt Iris were arrested in 2007 for drug dealing.

But here is the deal, Hector Monsegur was living with his girlfriend, is she a hacker too? What is her name? Is she consider a witness? Did they FBI threaten Sabu about her too? Do You know who is Sabu’s live-in girlfriend?

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