Megan-Leigh Peat Was Stoke City Andrew Hall’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Megan-Leigh Peat Was Stoke City Andrew Hall’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Last week we heard about the tragic murder Megan-Leigh Peat, who was stabbed to death and the prime suspect in the killing in her own boyfriend Andrew Hall who happens to be a midfielder with Stoke City, who will spend over a decade behind bars for the crime of his girlfriend Ms. Peat.

Andy Hall Stoke City Midfielder Megan Leigh Peat boyfriend

15-year-old Megan-Leigh Peat had been in and on-off relation with 18-year-old Andrew Hall, he has been arrested in connection to Megan’s murder.

Ms. Peat was stabbed to death at a house party in Ailesbury Road in Ampthill, Bedfordshire during the early hours of Saturday, police received a call about a girl being severely injured, when they arrived they tried to revived her but Megan was already gone.

‘She had a large number of stab injuries – at least 60 in number. They were in the head, neck and chest area.

‘Examinations showed the knives had entered very deep at part of the head, facial features, including severance of the nose. She suffered catastrophic injuries and lost a large amount of blood.

‘Megan never showed any signs of life. She was pronounced dead at the scene.’

Andrew a midfielder with Stoke City had been dating Megan, he is been held for questioning, he was also treated for a severed finger and other injuries.


On September 6t nearly two months after Megan was murdered, Andrew Hall her ex-boyfriend admitted he stabbed her over 60 times in the head, neck and upper body using two different knives one was a serrated bread knife both were found next to Ms. Peat’s body. Andrew who was just to sign as a professional player with Stoke City was told he will spend the rest of his life in prison

“Megan Peat will never experience the thrill and success of exam results, going on to higher education, or perhaps being a bridesmaid at a best friend’s wedding or an 18th birthday party. Her life ended in your hands at 15 years old.

“Only you know why you did what you did that night and what the catalyst was for such a ferocious attack. It is clear you were jealous of her innocent friendships with others.” Judge Foster told Hall 

18-year-old footballer was given life in prison to a minimum of 10 years at Luton Crown Court. Andrew from Flitwick admitted he lost it out of jealousy because of Megan’s other friendships.

Andrew from Flitwick dated Megan for nearly ten months, he admitted he lost it out of jealousy because of Megan’s other friendships. On the day he killed her they were together at a pub, but soon his jealousy kicked in and they were seen on a CCTV having a heated argument where he even called her a slut.

Megan asked a friend to drive her home, but soon Andrew began sending her hate text messages. Megan told her mom Andy had been a D*** again!, Mrs. Peat was sure her daughter was going to end her relationship with Hall.

Soon Megan was meeting with Hall again to try to work things out, they were last seen together holding hands.

After he killed her Andrew Hall wearing a a jogging outfit showed up at the White Heart Pub covered in blood, saying he killed his girlfriend..

‘Oh my god, what have I done? I really, really loved her. I’m sure I have killed her.’

Hall was heard by police saying: ‘I think I have killed my girlfriend. I love her so so much.

By the time of his arrest Andy Hall was tested and the test showed he had 140mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in his system

He had a bright future, nearly finishing his three-year scholarship at Stoke city Academy. He spend several days at the Bedford hospital where he was treated for his severe wounds in the hands and arms. Then taken to Lister Hospital were he underwent surgery on his left hand.

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