Music Executive John Atterberry: Hollywood Shooter Tyler Brehm Victim

Music Executive John Atterberry: Hollywood Shooter Tyler Brehm Victim

Last week a man identified as Tyler Brehm went on a killing rampage in the busy streets of Hollywood, shooting cars as they passed by him, sadly the only person injured was music executive John Atterberry who recently passed away.

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Mr. Atterberry was 40 by the time of his tragic death, he was described by those who knew him as a talented, kind, funny and incredible guy, the world of music and entertainment have responded after his death was announced on Monday, we are deeply sadden by this loss.

On December 10th a 26 year-old man identified later by police as Tyler Brehm, started shooting cars who passed by him at Sunset and Vine, he probably shot 20 bullets one of this inured a man driving a silver Mercedes, this man was John Atterberry, he was wounded pretty  bad by Brehm.

Police later shot the shooter killing him n the scene, after this run out of bullets and got a knife, meanwhile 40 year-old Atterberry fight for life at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, sadly at about 4:51 p.m. pacific time on Monday December 12th,  he succumbed to his injuries. Mr. Atterberry received gunshots in his face and upper body.

The music industry have overflow media with their messages, condolences or simply with the dear memories they carry of him. Jon Atterberry  a talented music executive and song writer worked with the Spice Girls, Brandy, Jessica Simpson, under his music publishing company Infusion Music Group he worked with Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera. he also was  vice-president at Death Row Records, where Dr. Dre, Tupac and Snood Dogg had worked with. John Atterberry was also chief financial officer for the VIP Group, a real estate brokerage firm.

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