Sharron Smalls is Jane Addams High School Principal

Sharron Smalls is Jane Addams High School Principal

Jane Addams High School in The Bronx, New York is close to be shut down, the principal at Addams is Sharron Smalls and we heard about her early this months over some school credit scam, today principal Smalls is once again in the news over some scandalous picture posted on her Facebook page.


43 year-old Sharron Smalls has been working for the Education Department since 1992, she became Jane Addams principal in 2007 and earns about $104.000 every year, but she might be facing the final days as principal at Jane Addams, not long ago teachers and student at Jane Addams talked to media about the school giving students bogus credits for classes students never took, or as crazy as these sounds beauty classes instead of studying the periodic tables, or tourism classes where student learn for example how to work at a hotel front desk got points for geography.

Teachers said since 2009 they don’t have a chemistry instructor, and the crazy credits thing has been happening for  three years already, not to help students but to make Jane Addams look good, check these numbers back on 09’ 189 students graduated, 237 last year  and 161 seniors this year, was all the cheating worthy? not likely Jane Addams still got an F, with less than 50% of their students graduating.

The whole massive course credit scandal at Jena Addams was revealed after new teachers at the south Bronx school refused to take part at the scam. Students and teachers are shocked..

“It’s criminal what’s been going on at this school,” said math instructor Stephen Tavano, 58, who has taught at Jane Addams for 19 years. “Our students are being cheated out of an education.”

They did it all so the kids would graduate without taking the required courses,” a guidance counselor told The News. “Kids are supposed to come first, but here they don’t come first.”

“I’ve been studying to get into college but now I found out that I might not even graduate,” said Taveras, who has a 76 average and dreams of working in the medical field. It’s not fair,” she added.

Just a couple of days ago we also found out that Principal Small is charging about $30 for parking fee, in the school parking lot and in spaces that should be free, these fee is been charged to students and teachers.

“We were always told we had to pay to park in the school lot,” said one teacher who wouldn’t give his name because he feared retribution from his supervisors and co-workers.

“Who knows where all that money went,” said the teacher, who claimed the practice went on for 20 years. “Supposedly they were using it to hire people to shovel the lot, but the regular maintenance guys were doing that.”

And things might get uglier for Principal Sharron Smalls, a picture of her dancing with a bare chested man covered in what looks like liquid chocolate was posted on her Facebook account, student fund it and passed it around the school, this scandalous picture of the same woman who won’t allow students to dress in short shorts, today teachers and students said Sharron Smalls has got to GO!!!

“I cannot believe my principal would dance like that,” said shocked senior Christine Daniels, 18, who saw the photo online, where it has also been making the rounds on email.

“She doesn’t want us to come to school with short shorts and then she turns around and does this,” said senior Tehrra Smith, 17. “It’s gonna be bad for college, very bad.”

These photos are just another example of our leader’s poor judgment,” said Stephen Tavano, 58, who has taught math at Jane Addams for 19 years and heads the local chapter of the teachers union.

“No matter how this turns out, principal Smalls needs to go,” he said.

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