Taylor Armstrong Physically Abuse Pictures

Taylor Armstrong Physically Abuse Pictures

Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong spoke about been physically abused by her late husband Russell Armstrong, in fact she had her bruised face photographed by a friend and today we have those exclusive images!


Poor Kennedy Armstrong, I really don’t think she needs to have her mother revealing these pictures about the alleged abuse she had by the hand of her deceased husband, even if it happened, that man was her daddy, and Taylor needs to be mature about this, stand up for her little girl and bring the stability she needs, what’s the point to show these pictures now????

Money! some might said, the thing is that during their time together 40 year-old Taylor  was hit on her face by 47 year-old Russell with such force that she had to be rush to the hospital and had reconstructive surgery on her face.

Back on July Taylor spoke to People magazine about her and Russell explosive arguments, but she also told them about how these arguments escalated and turn violent to the point where there would be grabbing her, throwing objects, shoving her and pulling her hair..

“I felt like I was dying inside. Now, there’s some sense of peace.I’m mad at myself for tolerating things I should not have tolerated from the first moment. Allowing this to happen in my own relationship was something I felt very ashamed of.”

It has been said Russell admitted about pushing Taylor once..

“Did I push her? Yes, maybe things happened in the heat of the moment, but it was during a time in our lives that was not characteristic of who we were,’ he said. ‘This show has literally pushed us to the limit.”

Taylor herself talked about her marriage, problems but she  never actually said the kind of problem she is struggling with, when she in a hot tub with Kyle Richards. Taylor filed for divorce on July, citing irreconcilable differences, she was seeking spousal and child support. they were married for 6 years.

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Real Housewife of BH After Russell Suicide

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