Clayton Brothers Dante and Justin Robinson- Autumn Pasquale’s Murderers

Clayton Brothers Dante and Justin Robinson- Autumn Pasquale’s Murderers

Autumn Pasquale was found inside a blue recycle bin at Clayton not far from her home, her white BMX was found inside a house owned by Anita Saunders next to the recycle bin, but it wasn’t Mrs. Saunders the one responsible for Autumn’s death but two of her teenage sons Dante and Justin Robinson.

Dante Robinson Justin Robinson Autumn Pasquale killer pics

12-year-old Autumn Pasquale died by blunt force trauma and strangulation, her killers were two teenage boys  who she knew even was friends with one of then on Facebook

According to police, 15-year-old Justin Robinson lured Autumn inside his home at 300 block of East Clayton Avenue with promises of  giving her parts for her white Odyssey BMX bike which she adored and what Justin and her 17-year-old brother were into according to friends.

Once inside Justin strangled the girl and his brother helped him until  there was no more life inside her, they them disposed her body in the blue recycle bin  at the neighbors’ house.

But it was Anita the boys’ mother who noticed suspicious messages on Justin Facebook wall, it was her who forced them to turned themselves to police, both are been charges with first degree murder as juveniles and they are been held without bond at a juvenile prison.

Check Justin and Dante Robinson’ biography and pics  here

Dante Robinson  Autumn Pasquale killer picJustin Robinson Autumn Pasquale killerAutumn Pasquale Justin Robinson Dante Robinson

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  1. Kill these scumbags…dead!

  2. I though ghetto poverty was what drove them to commit so many murders. What’s the excuse for these guys?

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    When will stupid whitey wake up!

  4. I agree. Kill these animals. These people have no regard for human life. They need to be executed now.

  5. this is terrible…those two look inbred. they look lke killers……fry ’em

  6. If Obama had a son he would look like…

  7. I do agree that they should deserve the maximum punishment….why further the ignorance by calling them the “N” word???

  8. Typical ni****s. Always causing trouble. Why did we even free them in the first placed?

  9. OMFG How did I know immediately that it was a couple of nigs from some ghetto neighborhood with no father present that killed some innocent white girl. Somebody should hang these inbred coons.

  10. Anonymous, how hilarious you have to hide your identity because you realize what an ignorant piece of crap you are. All black people aren’t murderers, but in your backwards redneck hick way, you fail to realize this and simply generalize.

    You probably also believe Obama’s a terrorist and Mexicans are taking high-paying jobs. Moron.

    You and your buddy Barack up there should go jump in a vat of sulfuric acid.

  11. SMH at such an ignorant comment. I take it only african-americans commit crimes. Correct?

  12. @KT Chong @Anonymous @barack I don’t think any of your comments are appropriate. First off what does Obama having a son have to do with these 2 boys murdering someone?? Second, it’s funny @Anonymous that you hid behind an “Anonymous” name while you posted your racist, ignorant, ridiculous remarks. Could it be you are too embarrased of who you are to let people know that you think so ass backwards? And third no need to start spewing racial slurs. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. There are plenty of white, latino, asian or whatever race murderers every day. It’s not about race. They didn’t target this girl because she was a white girl. They wanted her bike. Stop making it something that it isn’t. It’s a tragedy, for everyone and my heart goes out to this poor girls family. Try saying a prayer for her and her family and if you don’t believe in a God to pray to then keep your mouth shut, because your ignorance just causes more pain and aggravation for those involved!!

  13. I agree thy should die…not rehabilitation …death when a cockroach is found we dont gently takeip it outsid ane ask it to not come back in …we kill it..exterminate it never to return….n another note it took a lot for mom to turn them in she needs to be recognized as a good person

  14. Fry them in a KFC broiler, using cool aid as liquid, bury the crisp remains in a bed of water melons.

  15. I don’t know what made me link to this.. none of the majors have pics of the boys..
    And now I know why.
    The Mom deserves some prayers. It has to be devastating to realize you raised
    children capable of cold blooded murder. OVER . A . BIKE !
    AND it seems pretty pre-meditated.
    Unlike my friend’s friend MEGAN BOKEN that was killed in St. Louis by 2 18 year old
    Black kids because she wouldn’t give up her cell phone.
    I know there are killers of every race, religion etc.
    But they seem to be getting younger. Why is killing so easy for some?

  16. Cause they are…animal trash!

  17. correct!

  18. Anyone would agree this is a senseless & horrible crime . Thease 2 criminals are ruthless cold & evil the maximum should be givin . But making predgidece racial commentss is so wrong on so many levels . Its ok to be hurt angry & wanting justice , But casuing more problums & bringing hate slurs into the situation just make it worse. I have know alot of white spanish irish italian german ect in the course of history who have done the same type crimes & got no racial slurrs . Stop the hate see it for what it is evil the devil has no color or creed the devil is in everything trust in God one day soon he will make it right for all who love & follow him , They will have to meet their maker too as we all will , let thease poor families greive . Any mother has to admit if it were her sons hoe hard it is to know your child did this to another child or human being . There have been many cases of rich spoiled white young men who raped & killed college girls & got off because they were rich . So don’t pick out just the poor & unfortunate . Evil is evil anyway you slice it . Any color creed or class has murdering sickos in it . No stereo typing is going to bring back that poor child or make her family happy . Pray for them all .

  19. This is a time when I wish stoning or burning at the stake were still utilized because I am more than sure there are many many people thaty would love to see those two monsters suffer and die

  20. ok, i agree with yall white people sayin that they are monsters and they shouldn’t see daylight again. but yall can cut all that racist bul***t out now. thats why the world is so f***d up now. everybody so fu***g ignorant and racist. why the f** we just cant treat people like mothaf*** people? godamn. any race could have comitted this crime. um cuz, last time i checked, white people people also comitt the same type of crimes everyday on their own race. so dont sit their talking shit about black people cuz every last mothaf***race on this muthaf*** earth comiits crimes everday. and um yeah im talkin to you dum a** ignorant a** f****d up in the head tom. now come at me.

  21. Not trying to make this a racial issue, but why is it that when a non-black person kills a black person, the gates of Hell are opened and everyone shouts about hate crimes..Al Sharpton is on every TV channel marching through neighborhoods, etc. but when a black person kills a white person, all that is said is, “killers come in all races, genders, etc.” I know damn well this would be considered a racial hate crime if it were the reverse. That being said, this story is tragic because a young girl was murdered and her family has been forever destroyed…no matter what color she is. Heartbreak doesn’t have a race.

  22. Except they did not live in a ghetto Tom. They lived in a middle class neighborhood and a town that’s knoen for being fairly peaceful. I agree these boys deserve to be killed also. But race means nothing. White people have killed people for a long time. It doesn’t matter if they where black or white. They deserve to die for killing an innocent girl. I think they should die the same way they killed her. An eye for an eye

  23. as soon as we heard they arrested two teen brothers about 20 miles from philly we all knew:

    it was the jungle animals

    doesn’t matter if it’s philly, camden, trenton, or beautiful suburbs 20 miles away…animals are animals, thank god they’ll spend the rest of their lives behind bars like every other monkey at the zoo

  24. Around blacks…never relax.

  25. They should both be charged/tried as ADULTS…they knew what they were doing, and if they are not put to death (which they should be!) they should suffer the consequences for the rest of their miserable lives!!!!!!!!!!

  26. if the two boys were white and autumn pascale black, we would immediately shouted racist crime … Why does not it not for her? This is unfair.

  27. what about the shooting in denver in the movie theather, that was by a white guy..

    what about the OKC bombings where lots of kids died, that was a white guy too..
    killings should be unacceptable regardless of race

  28. I’m a little white girl and i hate racism. i understand they committed a crime but i don’t think race should be applied. You are very ignorant who ever you may be. Sometimes i wish i wasn’t white just because of how we treat people just because of the color of their skin. Imagine if that was our race, how would you feel??? There was no need to discriminate. Shame on you. And yes white people need to wake up and see how much hate we have towards a race just because of their skin color. It’s about to be 2013 and people are still racist. Come on , grow up! there are more important things in the world. R.I.P. Autumn.

  29. @ Liz: think about it for a min….still thinking? When Treyvon Martin was shot and killed Obama said that if he had a son he would look just like Trayvon. So, KT Chong is implying that, where is Obama standing up and proclaiming that if he had two sons, they would be just like Justin and Dante? It goes both ways…or worse yet, where is Obama saying that Autumn could of been a daughter just like his?? It’s ‘reverse racism’ because in our society its really only racist when you are white and say something negative about another race. Meanwhile our own Black president doesn’t realize how he is fueling the fire of racism with a comment like that.

    Regardless of my comment above: I still believe racism is not the issue here. Its really a sad state of our society is in that people Justin and Dante can even commit such an act, for BICYCLE PARTS! I am very angry by this meaningless death of an innocent girl who had her whole life ahead of her. But, this issue should never be turned into racism. Condolences to the family of the victim. I hope justice is swift and powerful and I pray that you find it within yourselves to live your lives to the fullest. Because, I am sure Autumn would want nothing less.

  30. What is wrong with you people?? This is about how ‘BAD’ our society is….We have 2 teenagers that killed an innocent 12 yr old and simply dumped her body like it was nothing. This CRIME is a reflection of how messed up this GENERATION of youth are. You can use your backward name calling and ignorant racial remarks BUT, the REAL truth is that these teens are unfortunately a product of our society. Volunteer in a school one day and take a LOOK at the SERIOUS discipline and violence problems that are there…in MANY DIFFERENT NEIGHBORHOODS (uhhh …to big a word? VOL-UN-TEER…IT MEANS TO OFFER YOUR TIME for the satisfaction of helping without a wage for it…). These IDIOTS that are making these HATER remarks are so hateful they’re actually glad to say every word. President Obama has NOTHING to do with ANY of this you MORONS. i ONLY WISH i COULD BE THERE to see your faces when he wins another 4 years. SORRY, BUT WE ARE NOT going BACKWARDS!!!! Come on down to S FL…this is no FREAKIN 1862 MF…………

  31. Those were both just black dudes who had put white make-up on their faces. I ain’t never heard of no white person who ever raped or killed children or anything like that. Only black people do that. Wipe out black people and there would be no crime.

  32. Everyone just cool it with the race nonsense, ok? I was cursing these kids before I knew their race. I saw white kids in my mind and I wanted them put to death. Everyone take it easy. These kids are really screwed up no matter what color they are.

    A very sad and tragic loss of a beautiful life.

  33. I understand you are angry for I am also.. .and I am totally disgusted but for you to call someone a fu–g ni—r you are out of line!!! and you better check yourself. you need to pray for that dear sweet young lady and let the law take care of it and it will be done. stop using this as an excuse for you to bring all of your racism out.because every black person is not to blame for this senseless crime.But when you use those words you use them against every black person !!!! which I am sure you don’t care but like I stated before you had better check yourself. God Bless Autumn!!

  34. what do you look like??/lets pretend that you are Obama’s son!!!!! Obama had nothing to do with this so you need to keep your silly comments to yourself!!!

  35. Actually there have been plenty of cases where white people have killed a black person & it’s NOT considered a racist crime. Pretty much all violent crimes are hate crimes! With that being stated, these 2 should be tried as ADULTS!!!

  36. The problem is that the MEDIA is racist. Major nation-wide news broadcasts are just not picking up on this story and showing who killed her…yet if the victim had been black and the murderers white, we would hear of nothing else.

    Also, there is racism in how they charge teens of different races. When a white teen kills someone on purpose, they are charged as an adult. Yet these boys premeditated this murder and lured her to her death and they are charged as juveniles. This is NOT equal treatment under the law.

    So, while the crime may not be racially motivated, they are getting off easy because they are black.

  37. @a white girl, you are very good at parroting the PC lies you have been indoctrinated with in public school. I hope you don’t pay for your naive view of the world with your life or your innocence.

    The only REAL racism left in our country is against white people. If these boys had been white and the girl black, they would have been charged as adults with a hate crime. The media makes a sensation out of any crime a white person is ACCUSED of committing against a black person, and then keeps quiet if the person is proved innocent. If a black person is the criminal, the story is very small and excuses are made for the criminals.

    The truth is that black people make up 13.1% of the US population yet commit 38.1% of the violent crime. That isn’t racism, that is FACT (can be verified on the FBI website 2010 chart of crimes broken down by race). Judges have admitted they feel pressured to sentence white criminals to harsher sentences than black criminals who commit the same crimes b/c there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail, even though they know it is because a disproportionate number of black people commit violent crime.

    Also, if you are a poor white person, you get no special lower-standard hiring preference, no special lower-standard college admission, no special college fund or community funds just for your skin color. The FACT is, if there is one spot open and a white person has obviously higher qualifications, but the black person does meet the bare requirements of qualifications, they feel pressured to give the spot to the black person. You might not be hurt by this, since you are female, but the reality is that white people who are not born rich have much less help making it out of poverty than black people born into a similar situation.

    I hope you don’t pay for your naive view of the world with your life or your innocence.

  38. No, but they do commit crime at a disproportionate rate. 13.1% of the population, 38.1% of violent crimes. FACTS cannot be racist.

  39. @sunshine, I am glad I am not the only one who sees the double standard in the law and the media.

  40. @shocked the only reason you are able to give examples like that is that the media doesn’t make a big deal out of a crime unless a white man commits it. You have to look for a few sensational incidents, which the media like to point to to prove white people kill too. The media is SO desperate to perpetuate the “racism” in our country that they called George Zimmerman, who is half Hispanic, “white”, because they wanted to make that case about white racism-and they even manipulated the 911 tape to make it sound like he was making racist comments to the dispatcher. (yet another half-white man, Obama, is considered only “black” so he can be pointed to as an example of how awesome black people are, yet he is just as white as Zimmerman).
    But at 13.1% of the population, black people commit 38.1% of all violent crime in the US…so I guess it isn’t “news” when a black person kills a white person.

  41. i feel bad for the pasquale family and i hope autumn r.i.p and that she is watching over her parents and that the 2 brothers saty in jail for life it was very horrible what they did to her over a damn bike and i hope they get justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. you got that right

  43. If we lived in a world of “eye for an eye the world would be blind” we can’t sentence to death because that makes us no better than them. Its disappointing to see all the respond about race but that is the society we live in. I just wish that instead of blogging ridiculous racial slurs you are able to actually do preventative work in society and not raise sociopaths to roam free. Sitting at home praying away the evil does nothing you have to actually raise our younger generation to be good. Not sit and wish really hard, obviously people have been praying that for centuries and it’s not working so how about working on paying closer attention to the children. Im not blaming the boys’s mother because that definitely is a hard thing to do but we have to start somewhere to prevent situations like these. Also maybe everyone should stopping wasting their time defending or attacking children you don’t even know. we all assume about the victim and murderers but you all sound ridiculous because in reality none of you even know these families, so please go do something productive with your time.

  44. you white folk can only talk this big onthe net try that ish on the train or on a bus then we will see whos calling the cops for help

  45. No, he is referring to the fact that the President said that when the Trayvon Martin / Mr. Zimmerman tragedy happen…
    Now the President has chosen no to talk about this one…
    I hope that in this case the law is applied in full and these two people stay in jail until their death..

  46. Amen brother.

  47. This is what will happen more and more with the class divide that Obama continues to potentiate. You want something (you didn’t earn)…..just take it, no matter what the cost to those you take it from. An extreme, and very sad example…but that is the type of thinking being taught to our young people. Not build yourself up, work hard for things you want..Not celebrate those who have found success- Instead take what you need from others…..because no one should have more wealth than you…”for they didnt earn it’ (Obama) and it is ‘unpatriotic’ (booker) not to give up money to those who the government chooses thru increased taxes vs giving it to your own children……………what kids are being taught…’..just take what others have if you need it ‘. All so very very sad

  48. If you really are wishing death for the 2 kids, You’re worse than them. You can’t say they have no regard for human life, when you do the same. You sicken me.

  49. That is completely untrue. The reverse is actually, factually true. Blacks are charged much more harshly than whites in America. You sir, are wrong.

  50. Yes. The only racism in the country is against white people. Said the guy who applauds the man who called the black people in the above story “fucking niggers.”

  51. I know. White people have it so bad in America.

  52. Does Trayvon Martin ring a bell at all?… Need I say more???

  53. Do you by any chance have any example for us Tim? Should be really easy if there are plenty. I’ll wait for your reply…

  54. We want JUSTICE brought about through the LAW Zack. Major difference. Maybe we should just pat them on the wrist and say, “Now be nice…”? Then maybe the next life they take will be one of YOUR loved ones.

  55. WHY? why would any human being would ever do that? why?

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