Domnica Cemortan Woman With Capt. Schettino Before Costa Condordia Accident

Domnica Cemortan Woman With Capt. Schettino Before Costa Condordia Accident

The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground last week, 11 people died more than 20 are still missing in the ship that carried 4.200 people, Among the survivors is the ship’s captain Francesco Schettino who abandoned the ship several minutes before the victims. Before that happened he was seen in the company of a mysterious blond woman, today her identity has been revealed she is Domnica Cemortan, who has recently said she is in love with Capt. Schettino and she was on the bridge with him as his guest.

25 year-old Domnica Cemortan is a key witness in the investigation concerning the charges on Captain Francesco Schettino who is currently under house arrest, His wife Fabiola previously defended her husband,  after an audio conversation between the commander at the coast guard was revealed from the Costa Concordia’s black box.

Recently turned 25 (b. Jan. 7th 1987) the  mother of a two year-old girl Domnica Cemortan was born in Chisnau, Moldova, When she was eight her father drowned, she has an older brother with whom she grew up with their mother Vera who is a doctor

Dominca can speak four languages, she began studying dancing at a very young age, it was thanks to dancing that between 2006 and 2009 she earned scholarships in Romania and France. It was in France that on 2010 she gave birth to her daughter, the father of her child is a also a Moldovan.

She was a passenger rep for Costa Cruises, she has been working with the Costa Condordia as a translator for 5 years (without a formal contract) who was seen at the Concordia’s restaurant with the 52 year-old Schettino just half an hour before the ship hit the rocks; however what she said is not entirely the way witnessed  told media and most importantly Cemortan is quite a defender of the Captain’s action of that tragic night. Media suggest she was at the bridge  because Schettino was trying to  impress her.

Domnica Cemortan first said she was with Schettino  having dinner, then changed her statement by saying she was having dinner with friend after the impact she went to the bridge only to give instructions in Russian. (Although in this document Domnica is registered as a part of  the crew’s  dancers)

Domnica who she said helped saving many allegedly left the ship at about 11:50 she also defended the captain, who she practically considers a hero that saved so many lives,

“Look at how many people are alive because of him. It’s a tragedy that people are missing, but he saved over 3,000 people on that ship because of his actions.”

“She saved us. I think he has done an outstanding job, the crew thinks. He saved more than three thousand people. They were terrible moments. I always thought of my two year old daughter. It was dark. People were shouting. I heard the sound of falling objects. But the captain was on deck. ” The young also rejects all the controversies that have erupted in recent days and launched a shot to the authorities of his country: “I read in some newspapers that the crew were drunk. It ‘s all fake. Also, when I got home there was nobody at the airport asked me if I was okay and to congratulate me for the lives you’ve saved. “

Cemtan added that he [Schettino] never left the ship, she said she saw him on the ship at 11:50. when supposedly have abandoned ship (the impact occurred shortly  after 9:30).

“I went up on deck to translate into Russian the information provided by the officers.”Then he took the evacuation order. Cemortan denies that the crew has escaped: “I saw terrible scenes while I was passing the other. I left the ship at 23.50 and the captain was still on deck. And then after the impact he has managed to bring the ship to shore to facilitate the evacuation of people. “He did not abandon ship before everyone else.”

Costa Cruise released the following statement about Ms. Cemortan been a authentic passenger at the cruise (since her name was not at the ship’s official manifest)..

‘Costa Cruises would like to clarify that the law as it stands, safety regulations and the control systems applied meticulously by the company do not permit the embarkation of unregistered passengers.

‘Based on the pictures broadcast by the media, the woman stated as being in the company of Captain Schettino on the evening of January 13th was certainly embarked on January 13th in Civitavecchia and duly registered.

‘The company is ready to provide the authorities, when requested, with the identity of the person and the number of the ticket purchased.’

Domnica is currently at her home in Chisinau where she lives with her mother Vera, said she was due to disembark the Costa Concordia before it sailed into the Mediterranean, but because she was celebrating her birthday, she purchased a ticket and got on the cruise. While it is not believe she was involved in any wrongdoing, Italian police are keen to hear her testimony.


 News today published the news about Domnica Cemortan accepting being in love with Francesco Schettino, she also said was on the bridge with him after the ship hit the rocks.

“I was on the bridge because I was in love with the captain. I found him charming and fascinating. I love him. I was on the bridge as his guest. It’s not right that his image is being destroyed.”

Her statement was made after several crew members said she [Cemortan] had a “close relationship with Schettino, she was also one of the first to leave the ship , with her luggage, documents and dry clothes.

“I heard she was on the bridge when it happened. I think she was on the first boat off. The crew all left the ship with nothing. She was wearing warm clothes and had her bag packed. She had everything – documents, money. How could she have known?” Said a crew member at the Costa Concordia.


Domnica said she was not the captain’s mistress, because he always showed her pictures of his daughter.

“I am not the captain’s lover. You know why? He was always showing me photos of his daughter when she was little. A man who wants a lover does not behave like that.”


Domnica also a former dancer will be requested for more questioning further on. She was previously questioned for five hours.





Scroll down for Domnica Cemortan videos including one of her dancing.

Because of the bad publicity the Costa Concordia shipwreck and Capt Schettino affair brought to Cemortan’s life and career, she is seeking a millionaire compensation as she insist she has not been able to get a job..

‘I applied to some other cruise ships but they didn’t get back to me. I have a good education and I want to work. I’m tired of having no job. I have a little daughter who I need to take care of.’

She claimed she now cannot get other jobs due to the publicity she has received after the sinking.  The best offer she received involved her posing nude for a magazine, she said, adding: ‘I have a little daughter. She will go to school and what will her classmates say?’

It’s very hard for me to be in Europe,’ she said.  ‘People recognise me and some even try to take pictures of me. I was at a restaurant with my friends and everyone was staring at me. My friends were annoyed. They asked why everyone is staring so much.’

Domnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  imageDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  picsDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  imagesDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  picDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  picturesDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched  pictureDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched photoDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched-photosDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched photosDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched-photoDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched-picDomnica Cemortan Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia shipwreched-pics


  1. The image of Dominica and the captain on the bridge is a fake. It is a bad copy/paste job from one of the Dominica images below.

  2. She reminds me of Lisa Kudrow a little bit.

    I’ll try to translate into Italian: Ragiazza ravioli vechina Napoli. Grazie prego!

  3. The picture on the bridge is not a fake! It just shows how strong she is, able to hover without a lower body. Notice how she doesn’t even grimace even though her right arm is wedged in front of the railing. Strong, honest Russian girl!

  4. She is Not Russian,Dear John!!!!!!!!!!!

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