Greg Reardon is Joanna Yeates Boyfriend

Greg Reardon is Joanna Yeates Boyfriend

Greg Reardon is still mourning the terrible death of his girlfriend Joanna Yeates who was killed by Vincent Tabak, Would you like to know more about Greg? Then check the rest of this story below.

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28 year-old Greg Reardon born in Derby to 67 year-old parents Lydia and John Reardon, he has one stepbrother 33 year-old Francis from Mrs. Lydia first marriage. They lived in Ilfracombe in north Devon. Greg attended Repton State primary school, followed by John Port Comprehensive. After that he enrolled at the Manchester University where he graduated on 2004 and became a qualified architect on 2007, during his time in Manchester Greg became part and captain of the Ski ad snowboard club.

Greg and Joanne met at work when they began working together at a firm of landscape architects Hyland Edgar Driver. They started dating on December 11th, 2008,  the next year when their firm relocated  to Clifton, Bristol, Greg and Jo moved in together in their flat. While Greg continue to work at  his old job Jo got a job at Building Design Partnership.

Greg’s brother and his wife Helen gave birth to twin girls  Beth and Alice, Greg visited them at their home in ­Sheffield, South Yorkshire to meet his newborn nieces on December 17th, Jo stayed at home. his parents were set to joined them but due to  the snow they were forced to cancelled their trip. Greg texted Jo many time while he was away but she never texted him back.

When he arrived home, he found out that their cat Bernard had been neglected, he also found Jo’s purse with all of her belongings, he waiting until nightfall for her to arrive when that didn’t happened he began to worry. he called her in-laws and reported her missing to the police on Dec. 19. On Saturday December 25th, Jo’s frozen body was found by a couple walking their dogs in the Failand area of North Somerset, three miles from where she went missing.

Four days later after the police determined she was killed by strangulation her landlord Chris Jefferies s was arrested but  released on January 1st on police bail. Vincent Tabak was arrested on January 20th after an anonymous tip from a female caller was received. Greg was never a suspect.

”The memory of Jo will always be with me as I look across the harbour and remember our unforgettable and special times together.

”Jo was a beautiful woman, beautiful in mind, body and soul. She had a great career ahead of her as a landscape architect and would have achieved a great many more things in her life if only she was given the chance.

”I will always love her.”

Greg Reardon and his beautiful girlfriend were set to spend Christmas at her home with her parents, Mrs. Yeates said they were looking forward to spend time with Greg and their daughter, their gifts were waiting for them under the Christmas tree.

Greg set up a donation page in Jo’s memory to help with the investigation, Jo’s funeral was on February 11th, 2011 at St Marks Church on February 11, 2001 in Ampfield, Hampshire, Greg walked behind his girlfriend’s coffin.

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