Meet Laurene Powell Jobs. Laurene Powell Jobs has a networth of $10.7 Billion, the wealthiest women in silicon valley now. Apple former CEO now chairman Steve Jobs has released his resignation from Apple, although he will remain as chairmen in the board of Directors the news came as a shock to many, What do you think his beautiful wife Laurene Powell, said? What do you know about Steve Jobs’ wife? Check her bio out, pics and video below.


47 year-old Laurene Powell Jobs has been happily married to Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs for 20 year, Laurene became Mrs. Steve Jobs on March 18, 1991 when she got married in a beautiful ceremony held by Buddhist monk Kobin Chino at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. She welcome her son was born on September, 1991 they named him Reed  Paul Smith after her father in-law and Reed college then on 1995 she welcomed her daughter Erin Seinna and Eve three years later. Laurene Powell Jobs lives with her beloved family in Palo Alto, California.

Mrs. Powell Jobs got her MBA from Stanford, a  BS in economics from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Laurene used to work at Merrill Lynch’s Asset Management  but then became highly involved in many non profit entrepreneurship like Teach of America where she serves in the board  of directors, New America, KQED, Stanford Schools Corporation, EdVoice, Global Fund For Women. She co funded Terravera “the a natural foods company that manufactured and delivered organic products to more than 300 retailers daily throughout Northern California”, she also co funded as serves as president at the Board of College Track that is responsible for giving daily academic support, extracurricular involvement, community service and leadership training to more than 400 students all over Palo Alto and Oakland.


Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs Live in So Small House! (PHOTOS)

Laurene_powell-jobs-imageLaurene_powell-jobs-imagesLaurene_powell-jobs-photosLaurene_powell-jobs-picClinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting</p><br /> <p>Keynote Lunch: Education</p><br /> <p>Participants: Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and Chair of the Board, College Track, Geoffrey Canada, President and Chief Executive Officer, Harlem Children's Zone, Vicky Colbert, Founder and Director, Fundación Escuela NuevaLaurene_powell-jobs-picturelaurene-powell-jobs-son-reed-jobssteve-jobs-wife-laurene-powell-jobs

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