Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was seen in New York  holding hands with his British girlfriend the mysterious brunette’s identity remained unknown until now her name is Rosanne Coker.  Check more about Daniel’s girlfriend Roseanne and check their pics and a related video right downRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend

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Erin Darke is Daniel Radcliffe’s new girlfriend

22 year-old Daniel Radcliffe is letting the world know who is the girlfriend he talked about recently with whom he is very much in love with her name is Roseanne Coker but her friends called her Rosie,. The news about Ms. Coker  came out long but at that time nobody knew who she was some even believe she was an actress, she is in the industry alright but not acting. Yesterday the news about Daniel and his girlfriend walking in the streets of New York was released nobody knew her name but then the  DailyMail  revealed her name, Rosanne Coker. Here is  just a little biography on her..

22 year-old Rosanne Coker from Surrey also known as Rosie Coker went to Gordon’s School in Woking, Surrey, she met Daniel on 2007 at the Hogwarts film set, according to media Rosanne is a base production assistant on Daniel’s latest movie The Woman In Black and was a runner in some of Harry Potter’s films like Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince (base production assistant), Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part I and II (Base Runner). Rosanne parents are Malcolm and Gillian Cocker  own a painting an decorating business which her father takes more credit for her mum is a birthday cards designer. Rumors about Daniel and Roseanne getting engaged was released but that was denied by Mr. Coker who just said her son in-law is a great lad and he is happy as long as his daughter is. Roseanne and the famous Harry Potter actor have been dating for a year and they moved in together, so love is in the air from London to NY living together

Recently her beau commented that he was in a relationship and je was very much in love, so I guess we will be seeing more of his new girlfriend Rosanne Coker,  who might not be so new after all they have been dating for a year now do you know some else about her??

Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Rosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-photoRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-photosRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-picRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-picsRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-pictureRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-pictures

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