October 14, 2012 was an import day day for the life of Austrian sky diver Felix Baumgartner, he set a world record that like always set his beautiful girlfriend Nicole Oetl to the point of death. Want to know more about Felix and Nici?

Nicole Oelt Felix Baumgartner girlfriend-pic

He is a daredevil sky diver from Austria who like his tattoo says it he was born to fly a difficult yet exciting profession he adores and that his beloved family have supported ever since his beginnings, Ava and Felix Baumgartner the pretty longtime girlfriend Nicole Oetl were kissing and wishing him luck before he went up 128.000 ft in New Mexico, all three were relieved when they saw that he was safe and hugged him  when he landed.

Felix Baumgartner  jump picFelix Baumgartner  jump pics

Ms. Oelt from Linz has been dating Felix for years and she might soon get ready to walk the aisle as Felix have already said he is ready to settle down with her. Nicole is  former beauty Queen, gymnast and trainer, that explains her impressive good looks and hot booty, sorry I meant body!

You can read more about Nicole Oetl here.

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