Samantha Vanegas is John McAfee’s Girlfriend

Samantha Vanegas is John McAfee’s Girlfriend

Anti-virus guru John McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala when he allegedly tried to entered the country illegally, McAfee was not alone, he was with a young brunette identified as his girlfriend pretty Samantha Vanegas.

John McAfee girlfriend Sam Vanegas

20-year-old Samantha Vanegas one of John McAfee many young girlfriend was traveling with him from Belize to Guatemala where they were intercepted as he and his girlfriend and fiancée entered Belize’s neighbor country Guatemala illegally according to authorities, who added that they would send him back to Belize where he is considered a person of interest in the investigation of the murder of his neighbor Greg Faull.

Samantha Vanegas who said her uncle is Telésforo Guerra a Guatemalan attorney representing McAfee have been traveling with them for a couple of days and were accompanied by videographer Robert King and Rocco Castoro from Vice magazine who are filming  McAfee’s time on the run for a documentary.

Samantha was with McAfee during a press conference where he said Belize is not safe as corruption has taken over the country, which is why he is seeking asylum in Guatemala. McAfee said he is took Sam Vanegas along because he was afraid for her safety in Belize, he also said he and Vanegas will get married. McAfee s currently in prison where he continues to post updates on his blog whoismcafee.

“I love her very much and we are getting married,” McAfee said Tuesday, according to VICE. “Unfortunately you will have a potential criminal in the family. My apologies for that, and I will do the best I can to make it up to you.”

“My spirits are brighter.  I caught an hour or two of sleep.  Sam is fine, by the way.  She is under my attorney’s charge, – and some Israeli bodyguards.  Serious looking fellows with plenty of body mass.  Made me worry a bit less about Sam.  She is worried about me, of course, but I have a more optimistic view of things.”


Sam Vanegas was born in Belize to a poor family and where she and her 8 siblings had to do daily chores like gathering wood, wash their clothes, cook, take care of their younger siblings, etc. She speaks Spanish and Creole, was learning English by the time they flee Belize. Sam said she met John, the white man everybody talked about back home when she went up to his house to ask him for a job about a year ago.

John describes Sam as ferocious, courageous, generous, compassionate, energetic and a little ball of fire, who told him he was freaking crazy if he thought she wouldn’t come along with him when he told her he was leaving crazy Belize.


I told Samantha that I would have to be away for a while and that it was too dangerous for her to come with me.  Her response – “If you f—king think I would leave your side your are an idiot.  Where you go, I go”.  She looked ferocious and, knowing Sam as I do, I just shook my head and told her to get ready.

Sam has been upbeat throughout my ordeal with the government, not just in the past week, but also for the past 6 months.  She has experienced the government’s harassment with me and has seen all that I have seen.  She is pissed at all that has happened to us and wants to see justice done, just as I do – not just for Mr. Faul’s family and friends, but for all Belizeans living under the Draconian system that has evolved under the present government.

For the past week, Sam has kept our clothes clean and has fed us and kept me distracted by telling stories of her life and humorous anecdotes about her family.  She is a natural raconteur and mimic.  She has also helped me evade detection by grabbing me and kissing me, in public, in a fashion that causes passerby’s to feel embarrassment at the thought of staring and by creating emotional scenes that cause the curious to momentarily forget what they were looking for.  She is acutely aware of her surroundings and is as street smart as a sober hobo.  She does not drink or take drugs.

This is a post written by Sam at John’s blog

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