Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge Wedding Pictures

Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge Wedding Pictures

Irish Singer Sinead O’Connor got married for the fourth time to her boyfriend of three months Barry Herridge in  the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas and we have the  Sinead and Barry’s wedding pictures to show them to you.

sinead o'connor Barry Herridge wedding

A day before Sinead O’Connor’s  birthday she said she was walking down the aisle of the Little White Chapel In Las Vegas for the fourth time, the groom is Barry Herridge, who she met online and been dating for the past three months.

You can see Barry Herridge story and Sinead’s past husbands and baby daddy article here.

Sinead wore a strapless pink dress and Barry a black suit with a pink shirt and no tie, their 15 minute wedding ceremony had no guest. The  couple met online after Sinead posted that message where she was sex starved, do you remember?

Sinead  talked about her fourth husband and  how they met and eventually decided to get married..

Barry sent me this wonderful email, which just took my heart away,’ she told the Irish Independent before flying out from Heathrow to the U.S yesterday.

‘It had to be him… I had no intention of getting married again but Barry was extremely persuasive. He proposed to me on every single date we have had since August. He is extremely persuasive — and other unprintable things.’

Wondering about what Barry said in his email? Barry  tells you about it….

‘I was getting off a train at Connolly Station one morning when I saw this woman acting strangely on the platform. At first I didn’t know what she was doing, and then I realised she was playing hopscotch. It wasn’t Sinead but a business woman in a suit and in her 30s, just having a bit of fun.

I wondered why more women that age weren’t doing the same thing? And it struck me that this was exactly what Sinead was doing with her search for love, having fun, and I told Sinead about this woman in my first email. I love Sinead more than anyone I have ever met, or anybody I will ever meet. I am going to look after her.

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Photos: Splash Online.

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